In defense of Israel

Armstrong Williams | 8/9/2018, 11:27 a.m.
Regardless of manipulation of the news by Hamas, in the terrorists’ eyes, the more innocent Israelis who are wounded or ...
Armstrong Williams

To put things in perspective, imagine if even one rocket was fired by a hostile nation into America. There would be outrage and calls for immediate and harsh action. But because it is happening in Israel, the world instead focuses on the response, unfairly heaping condemnation on the Jewish state.

There is absolutely no moral equivalency between Hamas’ attack and Israel’s defensive response. Hamas was aiming at innocent civilians, whereas Israel took aim only at strategic Hamas targets. By no means was the IDF’s response excessive. Absorbing 200 rockets in a single day creates an untenable situation, and Hamas must be deterred from firing more deadly weapons into Israeli territory.

For weeks, Hamas has been sending kites over the Gaza border. These are not the colorful, harmless kites of childhood that you might imagine. Instead, these kites are ominous, affixed with firebombs and other explosives. They have destroyed acre upon acre of Israeli agricultural land.

It is clear to anyone who closely observes the reality in Israel that the No. 1 goal of Hamas is the destruction of Israel, not pursuing a viable Palestinian state, which is what Hamas wants you to think.

Whereas Israel tries to minimize casualties, Hamas does the complete opposite. Let us not forget that Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization, infamous for using the Palestinian people as human shields and for using financial incentives to encourage people to become suicide bombers.

During recent protests, Hamas encouraged Gazans to try to storm the border with Israel. Having gotten wind of this plan of action, Israel responded by dropping leaflets beforehand warning everyone to avoid harm by not approaching or attempting to breach the barrier.

Hamas knew full well that they were sending their own people to death because no country would allow a mass infiltration by a mob incited to rampage and kill innocents. But dead Palestinians provide great PR pressure points for Hamas against Israel. After whipping their own people into a frenzy all while knowing that it was a death sentence, Hamas proceeded.

In the aftermath, Hamas painted a very different story of innocent Palestinian victims in a peaceful mob, gunned down by Israel. They and a chorus of international actors then denounced and lambasted Israel.

The Palestinians should immediately halt these cynical games. Until then, Israel has no choice but to do what it must to defend its people.