Great Wolf Lodge: The perfect family vacation

Linda Armstrong | 8/9/2018, 12:20 p.m.
Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos in Pennsylvania is the perfect family vacation!

One of the things that will really put you at ease is the welcoming, kind and friendly demeanor of all of the staff at Great Wolf Lodge. Bays explained, “Our staff goes through training on how to welcome the guests. Celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion is essential to what we do at the lodge for our pack members [that’s what staff are called]. Everyone goes through Wolfology—that’s a training program where we train our pack members in preparing to work in an environment where they make a difference in a family’s vacation. Staff also have safety training and each department does its own training. Everyone is so warm and welcoming it creates a great culture to be a part of for our team and hopefully our guests also.”

There’s an obstacle course outside that goes three stories into the air, the amazing Northern Lights Arcade, video games, skee ball (my favorite), air hockey, a huge Connect4 and so much more. There’s an interactive ride called XD Hollywood, where you are part of the movie and as you sit in a chair with 6D glasses on you feel the wind blow and see the danger coming. (It could be dangerous dinosaurs coming to dine on you; it depends on the movie you pick.)

There are movie nights, story time, jamborees and a whole host of activities to keep your wolf cubs happy and occupied. One evening the children and their parents filled the lobby area doing the Electric Slide and the Macarena. This place is everything you could wish for in a family vacation: somewhere you feel relaxed, somewhere you and your kids feel safe and somewhere you and your kids feel welcome and catered to. It is obvious to me that when you’re a guest at Great Wolf Lodge, it’s all about you!

Great Wolf Lodge has been at this location at 1 Great Wolf Drive for 12 years and is currently owned by Center Bridge Partners. For more information, visit There’s currently a sale of 25 percent off if you book and stay before Sept. 2, 2018. Get up, go and have a howling great time!