Ivanka Trump’s comment shows hypocrisy can be hereditary

Felicia Persaud | 8/9/2018, 12:54 p.m.

On a day when U.S. Justice Department lawyers had the audacity to put the responsibility of finding deported parents of the children who were snatched from their arms by border agents on the American Civil Liberties Union, Ivanka Trump sat down for an interview with Axios’ Mike Allen and proved, if nothing else, that hypocrisy can be inherited.

Like the hypocrite-in-chief who is her father, she suddenly grew a conscience by claiming that her father’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border “was a low point” for her time in his administration.

Yet the reality is that there is no past tense to this issue. Her comment came as more than 450 children remain in government shelters because their mothers and fathers have been deported without them, and as hundreds more remain in government shelters because their parents reportedly have criminal records, according to the administration, and their cases remain under review.

These parents may never see their children again because the Trump administration had no system in place to collect their information and actually did not care if the children ever were reunited with their parents in the first place—making them nothing but kidnappers!

Just imagine, as a parent, never being able to see your child again.

Yet, in a soft voice, Ivanka Trump wants us to believe that after saying nothing for months while children were being literally snatched from the arms of their parents, she was really all this time broken hearted by the entire racist policy titled “zero tolerance,” so much so that she just could not bring herself to say anything.

Spare us the “good cop, bad cop” game you and your father are playing with immigrant lives. The truth is you don’t give a damn about little Brown children, much like your father does not give a damn about Brown and Black people and immigrants.

If you did, as a senior adviser and the apple of his eye, you would have called him out and used your influence proactively to stop the policy from ever happening in the first place.

In the months while the policy was being enforced, you sat silently by, posting pictures of you hugging your own children while parents and children screamed at the border as they were being dragged apart and caged.

In June, when the United Nations told the U.S. that taking migrant children from their parents is illegal, you also stood silent as your father continued to push and enforce his xenophobic agenda.

You also choose to reiterate your father’s talking points by insisting, “We are a country of laws,” and using your immigrant mother as an example of legal immigration while also saying these children are “at risk of entering this country with coyotes or making an incredibly dangerous journey alone,” another one of your father’s fake claims.

All the while, you and your father continued to ignore the fact that these immigrants coming to the U.S. were doing so “legally,” by seeking asylum under the laws of the United States.

Now, a full month after your father declared an end to immigrant family separation, you have now chosen to voice disagreement with the policy.

Spare us all the hypocrisy. When the history of this administration is written, you will not be spared, despite your great acting skills. Inaction in the face of malevolence is collusion, a word your father loves to repeat. And on this draconian immigration family separation, dear Ivanka, you have colluded, and no feigned claim of it being a “low point” will save you from the fact that on this issue, you are guilty of collusion.

The writer is CMO at Hard Beat Communications, Inc. which owns the brands NewsAmericasNow, CaribPRWire and InvestCaribbeanNow.