Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #80

EDITORIAL | 8/9/2018, midnight
We were surprised to learn a day or so ago that Trump had a star on the Walk of Fame ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

We were surprised to learn a day or so ago that Trump had a star on the Walk of Fame in West Hollywood. The first question is why does he deserve a star? What film performance or legacy warranted such an induction?

Later we discovered that the star had been installed a couple of years ago by Trump or his representative at a cost of $30,000. It seems that anyone can be nominated for a star and get it approved by the City Council.

But now the Council has voted to remove the star, given Trump’s racist tweets, his disturbing treatment of women and anti-immigration policies and insults. That vote, however, is not binding because the Council has no jurisdiction over the Walk of Fame.

Meanwhile, a number of citizens have taken matters, as well as a pickax and sledgehammer, into their own hands to remove the star.

Desecrating public property is a crime, and although we don’t condone the various ways to remove the star we certainly approve of the Council’s vote and wish they had the power to act on their disapproval.

Whether with a vote or a pickax, these are symbolic acts of dislike and disgust for Trump’s nefarious disregard for people and their democratic and constitutional rights.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the star should not be replaced, which we don’t agree, but we wholeheartedly endorse his statement on the removal of Trump from office.

Trump’s campaign and his election were all built on a scaffold of lies and deception. Some of them are coming to light as Robert Mueller’s probe deepens, and it is our hope that after the Manafort trials we can move on to the extent to which his lying and finagling reached into the elections.

Yes, chopping away at the Trump symbols, vandalizing and scandalizing his name are the choices of many disgruntled citizens, but we prefer that you store up that outrage and energy and expend it on the ballot, and that expression could not be more timely and consequential than on the coming midterm elections.

Take the pickax to the voting booth, leave it outside, take your attitude inside and vote for those candidates who share your dismay. Let that symbolize how you really feel about our purpose that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!