Trump’s trunk

Herb Boyd | 8/9/2018, 11:17 a.m.
If Trump’s nose was like Pinocchio’s, which grew with each lie he told, it would be longer than an elephant’s ...
President Donald Trump

If Trump’s nose was like Pinocchio’s, which grew with each lie he told, it would be longer than an elephant’s trunk. Last week, in an attempt to rescue his son Donald Jr. from a mess, he further tangled himself in a web of lies about his son’s meeting with the Russians in his tower in Manhattan in June 2016.

Let’s recount this prevaricator’s trail of falsehoods that probably began long before he occupied the Oval Office.

To pull his son from the quagmire, Trump has slowly slipped into the mud of criminality. For months now Trump has claimed he did not know about the meeting, and then later said it was merely one dealing with adoption.

Sunday, he tweeted that meeting was like any other conducted by candidates, hoping to explain the allegation that Junior was after dirt on Hillary Clinton. There was nothing at all illegal about his son’s mission he said, and that sounded a lot like his charge that “collusion is not a crime,” mimicking his attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Trump has been obsessed with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the possible interference of the Russians in the last presidential election. It would seem that if it were truly a “witch hunt,” as he repeats, and they will find no incriminating evidence against him, then why spend so much time on it?

Each day a fresh round of tweets from Trump only brings more convolution and the possibility that his accusations could in the end be the road to obstruction of justice charges against him because he has been lying and have had others lie for him as a grand jury is underway. “I got bad information,” said Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow, explaining how he was misled by his client.

Now that Trump has come clean—or merely told another lie to cover the previous ones—maybe we can get to the bottom of that meeting and discover what was really discussed and how much of that conflates into obstruction of justice because Junior, in effect, received information from foreign operatives, which violates electoral laws.

It might take years to unravel this confection of mendacity, and before the day is over we can expect a barrage of lies to cover a former barrage of lies from Trump.

In this current iteration of White House politics, more lies are on the way, and Trump’s snout or trunk will soon be so long that he won’t be able to avoid stepping on it and tumbling into the arms of the special counsel.