Horoscope: January 11 - January 17

Manisha Koushik | Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Numberologist, Vatsu and Feng Shui Consultant | 1/4/2018, 6:18 p.m.
Find out what that star say about what's in store for your future.
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March 21-April 21

You will have an opportunity to improve your job performance. A property you own will be sold at a hefty profit. You will remain financially strong as money flows in. Breaking an item will bring your partner’s ire. A social activity will be most enjoyable. Don’t let up in your fitness regimen. Lucky Number: 2; Lucky Color: Silver


April 22-May 21

Remaining focused on your professional priorities will be beneficial. Your style and confidence will win some admirers at work. You will take the necessary steps to smooth things out at home. Your quest for perfect health will lose steam and leave you back at square one. Lucky Number: 7; Lucky Color: Golden


May 22-June 21

Your employer will see an increase in revenue. A hike in your salary will be cause for celebration. Your positive approach in a family matter will lighten the domestic atmosphere. You will purchase a major item. Your regular workouts will keep you in perfect health. Lucky Number: 6; Lucky Color: Cream


June 22-July 23

You will receive appreciation for something you have achieved at work. This week is a good time to acquire property. You will lose your patience with someone close. Romantically, you will have a pleasurable time this week. You will start an exercise routine to get back in good shape. Lucky Number: 1; Lucky Color: Pink


July 24-August 23

A tense situation at work will have you on tenterhooks, but it will be temporary. You will not be able to keep abreast of developments is your profession and your career will suffer. You will have good returns on money you invested. Your partner’s criticism will be a bit harsh but will make sense, so listen. Lucky Number: 6; Lucky Color: Coffee


August 24-September 23

You will have to make an extra effort at work this week. Some pending decisions might halt the progress you have made on a project. This week is not the time to make major changes in your life. You will have to make the first move in getting to know someone who is romantically interested in you. Lucky Number: 9; Lucky Color: Rose


September 24-October 23

Prospects for a change from your present job look promising. An excellent opportunity will come your way. You will get involved in preparations for an event at home. Your relationship with your partner will improve. This week is a good time to look up some old friends. Your health remains good. Lucky Number: 22; Lucky Color: Navy Blue


October 24-November 22

You will find it difficult to achieve what you set out to do at work, but don’t let lethargy and disinterest of others affect your chances. Your income will steadily increase and give a boost to your standard of living. Your family life will be immensely satisfying if you steer clear of mental stress. Plan something exciting to avoid boredom. Lucky Number: 7; Lucky Color: Magenta


November 23-December 21