H&M workers push for a new contract

Stephon Johnson | 7/16/2018, 11:16 a.m.
H&M employees want a new contract and they want it now.

“Every worker in our City deserves to be paid well and treated well,” added Public Advocate Letitia James in a statement of her own. “It is clear that H&M must demonstrate this basic principle by coming to the table to negotiate health benefits, work hours, and a fair contract that we demand of New York businesses.”

RWDSU officials tout the H&M employees for being the reason behind the brand and positive image of the company. They also said that when workers are happier on the job, they’re able to produce mor and provide a better shopping experience for customers. According to Local 1102 RWDSU President Alvin Ramnarain, that kind of morale can’t currently be found in H&M’s in Manhattan.

“Our members used to be proud to work for H&M, but their utter disregard for their workers, which we’ve seen deteriorate over months of negotiations tells a different story,” said Ramnarain in a statement. “Forcing low-wage workers into a schedule that can only provide poverty level wages with no ability to work a needed second job is disgusting. We cannot stand for it, we will not stand for it, and we will fight until we secure a fair new contract for the over 1,500 workers we represent at H&M.”