Cosmopolitan Review: July 19 - July 25

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 7/19/2018, 10:42 a.m.

They say the best way to keep cool is to think cool thoughts. One of the coolest thoughts I can think of is being by the water or, to be more exact, at the beach. There was a time when it was my dream to visit beaches all around the world, to see which beach is the best. When a friend of mine who recently returned from Thailand, Bali and Bangkok said he dipped his feet into the Indian Ocean, I was pea green with envy.

My mom, who once owned a time-share in Cancun, Mexico, would gather us all and off we would go to spend two weeks in August at the Royal Mayan Resort. I thought that was, without a doubt, the best beach in the world or at least on the Yucatan, Peninsula. The water was dense and waves were big, yet the water very warm. However, every couple of years, as nature would have it, rocks would appear at the water’s edge and they were no fun.

Then there is South Beach in Katama, Martha’s Vineyard. This beach never fails to prove exhilarating. I first learned how to ride the waves at this beach, when my good friend at the time said, “Just hold my hand and jump when I do.” Now, I have taught my daughter to do the same. New England water can be cold, but once you get in, it is delightful.

A beach where the water is always delightful—if only you can get in—is Main Beach in East Hampton. Even in the dead of summer, the water will make your ankles throb and lips turn blue. Needless to say, the water is blue and the surf white and exceedingly clean. But OMG, it is cold! One of the most fascinating beach scenes I’ve ever seen was a day trip to Main Beach in November 2017. It was a warm, sunny day; nice enough to grab some lunch and a blanket, kick off your shoes and have a picnic on the sand. This I did, all the while watching the fiercest waves come rushing in at a height taller than me, only to crash along the shore, making a booming sound the likes of which I’ve never heard before and wonder if I can ever expect to hear again.

This past March, I took a short escapade to Nassau, Bahamas, where I stayed at the British Colonial Hilton, a very nice, reasonably priced hotel that sits on the edge of town, with its own private beach. Here, the water was calm, refreshing and offered a bit of excitement because the cruise ships were docked a short distance away. It wasn’t uncommon to see these massive beasts pass so close to where we swam as they made their way to the next port of call. On my agenda was a hop over to Paradise Island by water taxi. The guide was very nice, pointing out all of the sites, such as Nicholas Cage’s home and the yoga retreat.