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Art Shrian | 7/26/2018, 10:21 a.m.

Freeman:  The High Line is a superb bit of urban engineering and ingenuity!  A really magnificent walk with unique views of the city. The sunset is superb from the High Line, don’t miss it!  Also, the Downtown Whitney Museum is a wonderful museum, with great views!  

Brian Gonzales (who plays Babkak): Well, I don’t know if it’s off the beaten path but find a lovely, sunny day and walk the length of the Brooklyn Bridge to the other side, where you’ll stop and have some Grimaldi’s pizza. Then, after being so full you can hardly walk, you take a water taxi back across. That was suggested to me by Mr. Mark Oristano, New Yorker, newsman, photographer and actor.

Arielle Jacobs (who plays Jasmine): My biggest recommendation for people visiting NYC is to take in the view of the city from outside of it! Hop onto an NYC ferry that travels along the East River and underneath three famous bridges connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. The view is spectacular!

Brad Weinstock (who plays Omar): Every time I have an out-of-town guest, I make sure we walk the High Line. Bonus points: start at the top (by Hudson Yards) and finish at Chelsea Market and reward yourself with my favorite tacos (at Los Tacos No. 1) and/or Bahn Mi (at Num Pang) in the city.