Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #72

EDITORIAL | 6/14/2018, midnight
It’s much too early to draw any conclusions from the historic summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un of North ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

It’s much too early to draw any conclusions from the historic summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. One certainty from this handshake and photo-op of two egotistical megalomaniacs Tuesday in Singapore is that Trump shored up his standing with his bamboozled base.

Kim got the lion’s share of prestige from the moment as he met with Trump without conceding any of his brutal policies; in fact, there was no mention of his political repression and the rampant violation of human rights in North Korea.

For Trump and his base, it was great optics, great TV and his cheering alt-right, conservative, reactionary throng could not be better served by a man they perceive as strong, unflinching and willing to do anything to make “America first” and worst.

On the table after the long session between Him and Kim was a signed agreement that in the end amounts to nothing more than promises from both sides about curtailing a nuclear confrontation.

Neither the U.S. nor North Korea can boast about upholding treaties of peace. There is no need here for a long disquisition on the number of times the U.S. government and its military broke treaties with the Native Americans.

Was this merely an opportunity for Trump, the master of distraction, to rally his troops as we head into the midterm elections? An opportunity to allow them to gloat and revive once more the call for Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

The summit provided few answers to the huff and bluff between two nuclear powers. And both Him and Kim can walk away from the session with a feeling that each was the winner.

If they sought to improve their connection to their political bases, then both probably succeeded. Perhaps the only loser was a tearful Dennis Rodman, who never received an invitation from Trump to attend the summit, damn it!

Let us hope that Rodman’s tears are not contagious and ones we may shed if Kim resumes firing his missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.

Now that Agent Orange has provided a platform for Kim to make himself great again, it’s time for us to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!