Why is ‘Black Panther’ the biggest scam of all Black movies ever?

LM ARNAL | 3/1/2018, 11:40 a.m.
Have you wondered why so much promotion has been lavished on this studio production (gathering by the way the youngest ...
"Black Panther"

Have you wondered why so much promotion has been lavished on this studio production (gathering by the way the youngest pearls of Black cinema), and worldwide? At least the fact that a big studio embraced such a project should have made you think. What’s the message? What BS is hiding behind it?

Here it is, my brethren, in a nutshell:

Black social case kid with strong revolutionary message is a big threat to money, white of course—even if here it has been given Black faces. It is an Orwellian tale, indeed.

Who is Wakanda? Wakanda is peopled by Oreo Cookie duplicated ad nauseum, it is OreocookieLand as a matter of fact—or what Malcolm would have called “the house brothers,” whereas social case kid is the “field brother.” Thus, Wakanda elite have the money, the knowledge, the power and most importantly, they share knowledge with white dude. By the way, white dude talks Black and he lets you handle everything because, of course, he is Mr. Nice Guy. (By the way, have you ever seen a white dude taking a bullet for a sister? I haven’t—not in this world we live in.)

Doesn’t it seem to you that Wakanda is the Western World with a Black face—like a masquerade, a new minstrel show, every Black man’s hope, deep inside?

So, of course, you have again symbols of dependence —Mr. Nice guy will of course help oreocookie peeps. The second addiction, which I had already noticed in “Blade,” is a drug. Here it is some ancestral blueish hallucinogenic thang they drink, as if they could not summon enough strength within. And of course, the third addiction is prayer—this time to the ancestors. Of course, you have the ridiculous gear that Marvel heroes always wear: the one-piece suit that makes men’s asses real tight. They even threw in some martial arts to try to make it look real. Come on, peeps!

Yeah they sold it to you fine, this one! You’ve got gotten. You’ve been played! So who cares if all the cast is Black? Down the line, we’ve gotten bamboozled one more time.

Watch out people. What they want is to make the struggle wrong.

Of course social kid, the Black monster (even defined as such by king of Wakanda), is given as a product of your own doing because his uncle abandoned him, which erases all the real bad conditions of systemic racism, and you were so excited that almost everybody (finally!) is Black in that movie that you did not see the real message of this real killer movie. Because it is here to kill our thirst for justice. It makes justice seekers the monsters. What is really at stake here is the fear of big money, at the emergence of an educated Black intelligentsia issued from the ghetto.

And with all the promo they have created a cornucopia of products to sell you, because money has to be made again, on Black folks’ dreams.

The only thing I can tell you is go beyond appearances. Hollywood is a cliché machine whose strongest function is to create ideologies, sets of beliefs to live by. And the well-being of Black people is still not on their very conservative agenda.

Beware what they feed you lavishly. They would not insert money into anything that could topple the power of their chosen elite.

My thoughts go to the Black Panthers—the real heroes who fought for a cause and died in shame and bad repute. This film repackages the concept into something hollow, a farce that does not render to these dedicated fighters for Black freedom the recognition they deserve.

I still think the cast was outstanding and the cinematography impeccable. Hey, they might even give it an Oscar. I’ll call it the Oscar of all Scams!

Damn, they also got me, too. And sorry to burst your little Marvel bubble! It’s wake up or Wakanda!

Wakanda or wake up right now! Which one will you choose?

LM Arnal is a Black writer and painter.