Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #66

EDITORIAL | 5/3/2018, midnight
Social media are rampant with various opinions of Kanye West, Michelle Wolf and a coterie of bloggers, all of whom ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

Social media are rampant with various opinions of Kanye West, Michelle Wolf and a coterie of bloggers, all of whom in some way are connected to Trump’s pernicious, bombastic ravings.

Given Trump’s impulsive, knee-jerk reactions, special counsel Robert Mueller might be spot on in hoping to grill him with a number of questions. It’s almost a certainty that at some point, if in fact his lawyers allow him to answer the questions, Trump will flap his trap, go off script, contradict himself and open the portal to incrimination.

The questions leaked to Trump’s lawyers is just a pawn move by Mueller, who, like the best lawyers, already knows the answers to the questions he’s prepared to pose.

Like his attorney Michael Cohen, Trump might resort to hiding behind the Fifth Amendment, although that might not be sufficient cover, particularly if Mueller counters the move with subpoenas. And yes, a president can be subpoenaed. Ask Bill Clinton.

But it’s not an easy route to nailing a president with obstruction of justice and even more challenging to get articles of impeachment filed.

Just to see Trump squirm is rewarding enough for many Americans, who have grown increasingly intolerant of his stringent, immoral policies.

From the ridiculous conclusions of West to the on point pricks of Wolf—and a number of political predilections between—Trump continues to unnerve with his egomania, none more incredible than his claim that he is responsible for the peace accords between North and South Korea.

There is even reports from some quarters—and we know where—that he should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. What he should receive is a letter of condemnation for keeping Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions and Ben Carson in his circle of idiocy.

We have every reason to believe that a day of reckoning is on the horizon, and that Trump will be spirited off in his caravan of inequity.

It is never too soon to get him on the road, to remove him before he tweets again his derision about climate change, the environment and infrastructure, and his poorly considered positions on Iran, Israel and the rest of the world’s turbulence that he has aggravated, although with no inclination to accept responsibility.

Let’s make it plain—to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!