The New Edition saga continues

5/17/2018, midnight
Big business meets broadcasting this week as television networks present their new primetime schedules for the forthcoming fall seasons at ...

“Like all families, we have differences that plague us and those indifferences must be dealt with and smoothed out for us to function as the single unit that will allow us to tour as NE again. To be completely honest, I, for one, will rely on God’s infinite wisdom and timing to orchestrate the right time and place for that to happen. But make no mistake about it, when that time comes please know that Ricky Bell will be there front and center ready to rock. As always, I will be at every meeting, rehearsal and on every conference call (early to be exact). I’m willing to do my part to ensure that the legacy that you, our beautiful fans, have helped us build and sustain for the better part of 30-plus years.

“Meanwhile, as we trust God to work all of this out for us, we still must feed our families all while attempting to protect our legacy from being destroyed by the lies and deceit of the enemy. In closing, I thank you in advance for your undying support and fervent prayers for a resolution. You are indeed our cherished gift from above. God Bless You!”

How does this movie end? Hopefully we’ll soon see.

Over and out. Holla next week. Til then, enjoy the nightlife.