Malcolm X influencing future generations

AUTODIDACT 17 | 5/24/2018, 3 p.m.
Malcolm X’s legacy was commemorated Saturday in acknowledgment of the 93rd anniversary of his birth.
Community comes together to celebrate Malcolm X Nayaba Arinde photo

Small said Dr. Leonard Jeffries was out in Las Vegas celebrating their first “Malcolm X Day” before introducing Reggie Mabry, commenting, “When you see this Brother, you see the representative for the Malcolm X Pilgrimage Project. I’m the mouthpiece, the elder, I’m walking out of the door. The OAAU may seem invisible to some, but that’s because we want to be. There are other brothers, you may not know their names, and they don’t wear uniforms, but they’re all around you every day.”

Small concluded, “If you [Malcolm] can die for us, we can come and pay our respects for you having done that. This revolution is not going to end in our lifetime, so let’s spend our entire life fighting for freedom, because that’s what this is about. If you’re not about freedom, then you’re the enemy of our people. Fight for the next generation, not just for yourself, and you’ll be victorious!”

Upon returning to Harlem, participants joined the December 12th Movement’s 29th annual economic boycott of all businesses along 125th Street, which was in full stride. Just about all the stores and banks adhered to the annual request to close their doors from 1-4 p.m. to honor the birthday of Malcolm X, who walked that very block many decades ago.