Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #69

EDITORIAL | 5/24/2018, midnight
Several media outlets, reporters and commentators have expressed their exasperations in getting interviews with Trump.
Donald Trump CNN photo

Several media outlets, reporters and commentators have expressed their exasperations in getting interviews with Trump. We are not part of that cohort of disgust because we know that our chances of getting him to sit down is the same chance of getting him to reveal his tax returns, or to admit that Obama was a great leader.

And even if Trump agreed to an interview, there is little likelihood that we would get any semblance of truth from one who is an inveterate prevaricator.

There would be nothing more than a cascade of lies to our questions, and all you need to confirm these falsities is to witness his recent tweet that he in fact did fork over the hush money to the porn star after telling reporters he knew nothing about such a payment.

In short, it would be a total waste of time to grill Trump because he refuses to be forthcoming on anything of national significance, be it foreign or domestic affairs.

One minute he’s raving about the planned meeting with President Kim of North Korea and in the next he’s bellyaching that it might not occur if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Trump wants to call the shots, set the rules and determine the outcome of something almost as unpredictable as his own administration.

Currently, he is trying to backpedal from his remark labeling some immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally as “animals” by saying he meant that only for the MS-13 gangs or those illegals who commit violent acts. Knowing well his impulse to tar all immigrants with the same brush, his xenophobic tendencies are something we unfortunately have learned to expect.

Most of his lies are done to mask a damaging truth, and sometimes to distract and divert folks from getting to the bottom of a reality. An example is on display now with his charge that his campaign was being spied on, infiltrated by FBI agents or informants.

To say we have a so-called leader with an abundance of duplicity is a grand understatement. He is a master of deception and deceit, and there are no boundaries to his mendacity.

Those who moan and groan about not getting their moment with Trump would be better off pursuing more fruitful endeavors with representatives willing to speak truth, and we do mean the whole truth, to the powerful.

Trump’s life, and certainly his tenure in office, is reminiscent of the 1989 film “Sex, Lies and Videotape,” and the implications of that title abound in the allegations against him by a number of women.

An interview with Trump would be pointless because there is no way he would answer any question that would contradict a previous act or statement. After an interview with him, we would be left with a bundle of confusion and a man who lives in a world of falsehood.

We are not lying when we demand that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!