The perils of ingratitude—A Thanksgiving admonition

ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS | 11/22/2018, midnight
Thanksgiving, America’s homegrown national holiday, stands out for honoring the precious native people who welcomed the settlers and helped them ...
Armstrong Williams

The Wagners forgot the fundamental law of gratitude, which is always to be grateful for the blessings we have in our lives. In forgetting this fundamental lesson, the Wagners ended up committing one of the worst atrocities in the annals of American crime. Not only did they destroy the Rhoden family, but also they ended up destroying themselves in the process. I cannot imagine the train of thought that allowed them to believe that they could ever live in peace after committing such acts, regardless of whether the law caught up with them. To think that they really believed that they could provide a safe and loving environment for Sophia after committing such dastardly deeds against her mother and her family seems far-fetched and delusional.

The better course in most instances is to be grateful. We do not need more than we have and we can always strive for better—as long as striving is governed by morality and common sense. We do not need to break any laws or commit any injustices for God’s grace to shine on us. The very fact of our birth into this world is a blessing beyond compare. Let us constantly give thanks for the blessing of life and cherish it as if it were a precious child that we would jealously guard from harm. Let us also give thanks for the others in our lives, even those with whom we might bitterly disagree, for they too are endowed by our creator with inalienable rights.

This Thanksgiving, let’s keep things in perspective. No matter what our differences—personal, political and familial—let us give thanks to our creator for the richness of our lives. Let us, above all, not lose sight of the sanctity and fragility of human life.