COMMENTARY: Kavanaugh Scraped from Bottom of Barrel

By Askia Muhammad, The Washington Informer | 10/3/2018, 10:39 a.m.
Of all the cum laude graduates of Yale University and Yale Law School to choose from, Donald J. Trump (the ...
Judge Brett Kavanaugh U.S. Courts photo

Now his accuser, on the other hand, has also had her life upended by this. It’s a secret she’s mostly covered up for decades. At first, I wondered why her father would not have gone and gotten all busy in Kavanaugh’s father’s face. Isn’t that how they handle things like that in suburbia?

Then I realized that at age 15, unless the worst had happened, Christine Blasey Ford would not have told her father because she should never have been at a party where alcohol was served in the first place. She would have been blamed by her family. So she kept it a secret, just as so-o-o many girls do, even today.

I was taught a very long time ago: The guilty fare better in a court of justice if they plead guilty and beg for the mercy of the court, then if they are adjudged guilty after claiming their innocence. Are the American people a just people? Could they forgive an attempted rapist?

So, regardless of whether he is confirmed or not confirmed, unless Judge Kavanaugh now offers the requisite number of mea culpas; and promises to go forward; pledging to sin no more and be the best person he can be from now on; unless Kavanaugh seeks atonement; his biography — like that of Justice “Long Dong Silver” before him — will be forever stained with sleazy sex accusations.