An art walk through San Miguel de Allende

DANA GIVENS | 10/11/2018, 3:04 p.m.
Less than an hour flight from Mexico City and a three-hour drive from Leon Del Bajio Airport lies the beautiful ...
San Miguel de Alende Dana Givens

Mexico is known for its notoriously popular beachside destinations frequented by thousands of Americans each year. Whereas places such as Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Los Cabos are common vacation destinations, there are many other cities with a lot to offer that are far away from sandy white beaches. These destinations are the best bets for getting away from the hordes of tourists at all-inclusive properties and getting a true glimpse into Mexican culture and daily life. One of these places is quickly becoming a popular destination with both local and international tourists flocking to see the beauty

of this city firsthand.

Less than an hour flight from Mexico City and a three-hour drive from Leon Del Bajio Airport lies the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende. The magic in this place can be felt as soon as you touch down on the tarmac. Locals will you tell you that the rose quartz underneath the cement is what gives that feeling of peace when you walk around town, and they might be right. It could also be the calming scent of lavender in the air. The streets can make you feel as if you’re walking through a painting with their colorful buildings, vivid murals and floral branches twining around rustic doors. You will find trinkets and symbols of hearts everywhere you go that represent the spirit of the city. San Miguel is a place that has inspired artists to reside here and take up their passion full-time, surrounded by inspiration. It is no surprise that a gem such as this city has been ranked one of the best cities to visit both within Mexico and around the world by numerous magazines. It is a city of many galleries, including the Fabrica la Aurora and the Instituto Allende, where many artists, both domestic and international, have gathered to find inspiration. Because of that, San Miguel de Allende has a large community of expats who embrace the local culture and are not looking for their safe space to be

overrun by tourists.

As a thriving city that lures in creative types from all walks of life, there is plenty to see and do in San Miguel de Allende. This guide will show you how to take a pleasant art walk around the colorful city and will provide all the essentials to plan your next trip, including what to do, where to stay and where to eat.

Where to stay

For lovers looking for serenity, the Rosewood Resort is a paradise with panoramic views of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in the distance cradled in the heart of downtown San Miguel de Allende. The Lòtel and the newly opened Casa Blanca 7 caters to the luxury traveler looking for unique accommodations and plush, spacious rooms with a central location. For those looking for more artsy accents and a quiet spa experience, the Hotel Matilda is a just a short walk from the city center.

Where to eat

San Miguel de Allende has no shortage of restaurants. For local fare, you can visit the Luna Rooftop for a subtle ambiance and view of the city. The Moxi at the Hotel Matilda is a great poolside option with an excellent cocktail selection.