Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #91

EDITORIAL | 10/25/2018, midnight
Now that Trump has his Supreme Court justice seated, several other ordeals are on his agenda.
Donald Trump CNN photo

Now that Trump has his Supreme Court justice seated, several other ordeals are on his agenda. Most pressing is the issue of thousands of Central Americans, many of them seeking asylum from violence in their countries, forming an endless caravan as they march across Mexico to the U.S. border.

Trump has made it patently clear that these seekers will not enter the U.S., and in using this moment to further mobilize his base, he claims there are “Middle Easterners” in the caravan, a code word to alarm his constituents across the country as the nation prepares for the critical midterm elections.

In Trump’s narrow, reactionary perspective, this multitude is equivalent to “barbarians at the gates,” and he is ready to call in the militia to curtail their entry.

For this current dilemma, as expected, the Trump administration has no sensible response to the caravan of thousands; there are no sensitive words of concern about their plight, no plan or interest to see what can be done in several Central America nations to stem the tide, nor a reasonable process of funneling them in that existed during previous administrations.

In reality, this turmoil is just another opportunity for Trump to rouse his base, much in the way he did with the Kavanaugh confirmation debacle, much in the way he did the other day in Montana on the stump, hailing a politician who “body slammed” a reporter from the Guardian who only asked a simple question.

On top of this Trump has been waffling on the murder and possible dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, wary of what all this means to his relationship with the Saudis and his own personal fortune.

Nowhere in any of these matters has Trump expressed an iota of intelligence, not a tweet that might be construed rational and compassionate. He has deliberately inflamed and lied about who could be among the caravan snaking its way to his “wall of resistance.” He has moonwalked on the Saudis and continues to defile the press and reporters, both foreign and domestic.

Like the reporter from the Guardian, we only have one seemingly easy question—when will you adopt just a glimmer of humanity, just an aspect of warmth for the downtrodden, or even a notion of morality? This is only a hard question for an unrepentant tyrant, one we would like to put on the other side of that wall he talks about, and that would resonate well with the number who cry Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!