Cosmopolitan Review: September 13 - September 19

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 9/13/2018, 12:23 p.m.
You know summer is over when the lifeguards at the local pools and beaches blow the 5 p.m. whistle for ...

You know summer is over when the lifeguards at the local pools and beaches blow the 5 p.m. whistle for the last time and everyone within earshot claps. It’s so touching. You also know summer’s over when the less than crowded subway platforms are once again teaming with people on their way to work, school children and various other travelers.

Speaking of which, let’s start the fall season off right. People, please put your cell phones down when stepping onto the subway car, bus, doorway or anywhere else when you’re in motion. It’s just another annoying habit in the making. Getting stuck behind someone fixated on a cellphone, looking like a deer stuck in headlights, has got to be the No. 1 irritant in modern society. It’s dangerous, selfish and ignorant. Put the phone down until you sit down or at the very least get into your corner.

You also know summer is over when you start to see Halloween cards and decorations proliferating in the stores. Joining the brigade is the Halloween costume store about to open on Lenox Avenue at 126th Street. It won’t be long before folks are lining up, wanting to be the first to get the—whatever. All I know is by the time Halloween gets here, either the thrill is gone or I have worn myself out from anticipation.

It’s not too early to get your ticket for this year’s Masquerade Ball and after-party to take place Oct. 22, hosted by Harlem School of the Arts at the Plaza Hotel grand ballroom and terrace. Honorees receiving the Visionary Lineage Award are Amsale Aberra, awarded posthumously and accepted by Nell Brown, and Rachel Brown. The Visionary Artist Award will be presented to Liev Schreiber, the Alumni Award will be presented to Caleb McLaughlin, and the Distinguished Teacher Award to Rashid Silvera and Tsyala Khudad-Zade.

Every time I hear Amsale Aberra’s name, I think of the first time I looked up at her boutique Amsale, located on Madison Avenue. The brand name is known for its gorgeous wedding gowns. I wanted to go inside so badly. A friend even suggested I order my wedding gown from Amsale. “Go ahead!” she said. “Spend $5000 on your gown. It’s your wedding day.” Although I was ever so tempted, I am glad now that I didn’t. I would still be paying for it. Sad just the same though. What a thrill it would have been.

Dance Theatre of Harlem will celebrate their 50th anniversary with the 2019 New York season, April 10 to April 13, with a wonderful lineup. Opening night will be no less than spectacular with a one-night-only celebration featuring a special presentation of DTH history. Friday night will feature a post-performance conversation between DTH co-founder and Artistic Director Emeritus Arthur Mitchell and current Artistic Director Virginia Johnson. There will be a meet the ballerina event after the Saturday Family Matinee, something memorable you won’t want to miss. Tickets start at $25. There is a very attractive discount for groups of 10 or more, so round up the crew. Call 212-690-2800, ext. 404 or email for more information.