Robert Jackson never really left

Stephon Johnson | 9/27/2018, 12:24 p.m.
“The head of the snake has been cut off…meaning Jeff Klein,” said Robert Jackson. “But we need to flip several ...

“If anyone should think that change hasn’t occurred, a fundamental change in the way we take care of our business from an electoral process point of view, they have their head in the sand…including the governor,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s goals in Albany include renewing the rent laws to be more tenant-friendly, passing the DREAM Act to ensure children of undocumented immigrants are able to receive college financial aid, preventing local law enforcement from working with U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement in rounding up undocumented immigrants, shoring up women’s reproductive rights and health care in general and creating a bill to improve the working conditions and labor practices involving farmworkers.

But Jackson said those wishes would be a pipe dream if left-leaning voters don’t come out Nov. 6 and vote for Democrats.

“I’ve said during the campaign that if you only elected me and don’t elect the others, the Republicans are still going to be in control,” said Jackson. “So right now, we need to flip at minimum one or hopefully three to four seats in order to have a clear majority…so if one or two Democrats vote no on a matter or are absent for a vote, things can still be passed.”

The progressive wave could be attributed to the 2016 presidential election. It might not be the way progressives wanted to rise up, but Jackson understands why it’s here now.

“His hate speech and rhetoric had a negative impact on the country and the world,” said Jackson. “But it has basically helped the flowers grow from the ground with all of the roots that have risen up since Donald Trump. Rise and resist. Many people have been elected to Congress, to state houses, to local races and that’s why it’s #bluewave.”