Amazon: We’ll fight any attempt to unionize

Stephon Johnson | 2/7/2019, 12:27 p.m.

“I’ve said it, it’s kids like you saw here, graduating from our public schools, it’s CUNY students, it’s folks who live in public housing, they’re going to have job opportunities through Amazon,” de Blasio told reporters. “We’re going to get a huge amount of revenue from Amazon to help pay for things like affordable housing and what we’re doing in our schools, etcetera.”

One worker at Amazon’s Staten Island fulfillment center said that Bezos and the powers that be need to see their working conditions and realize that workers need to organize.

“Jeff Bezos needs to come to the Staten Island fulfillment center to speak with his associates and to see how we are being treated firsthand,” said Rashad Long, Staten Island Amazon Fulfillment Center worker, in a statement. “We are not robots. We are human beings. We cannot come into work after only four hours of sleep and be expected to be fully energized and ready to work. That’s impossible.”

Long concluded, “I feel like all the company cares about is getting their products out to the customers as quickly as possible, no matter what that means for us workers in the end. This needs to stop, and Jeff Bezos and Amazon need to do better.”