It’s time to mind your body

Gerald W. Deas M.D., MPH | 1/23/2019, 5:34 p.m.
I am sure that you’ve been reading in recent articles how physicians are finally trying to incorporate the minds of ...
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  1. The best doctor, even if they are listed in the New York magazine, might not always be the most considerate doctor. As the old saying goes, “You may not be able to choose your parents, but you sure can choose your doctor.”
  2. Remember, it’s your body and you are somebody, not just anybody!
  3. Write down all the symptoms that you are experiencing, because as soon as you see the doctor, you will forget most of them.
  4. Bring all the medications you have been taking, including over-the-counter herbs, vitamins, tonics and stuff that your family might have given you.
  5. Ask the doctor kindly to explain your condition in medical terms that are understandable, because you have never taken a course in biology or chemistry.
  6. When the doctor gives you a slip of paper for diagnostic tests, ask him/her to explain the need for the test, as well as what to expect at the diagnostic center.
  7. Because the doctor is not on duty 24/7 year-round, ask him/her to write down the doctor who covers for him/her when he/she is not available and get the phone number.
  8. Make friends with the office nurse. She is the main person who can reach the doctor when you call.
  9. A short note of appreciation or a greeting card to the doctor means a lot. A physician’s life is not easy. And whether you believe it or not, physicians are human, have families and have many of the same problems that you have.
  10. Most of all, try to stay healthy with a positive lifestyle. Eat well, exercise and give some time to your spiritual life. Remember, it’s time to mind your body.