Don’t become a meathead by eating too much meat

7/3/2019, 1:48 p.m.
The average person in America and across the world consumes the flesh of at least 100 million animals a year ...
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Definition of “meathead”: Uninformed and ignorant.

The average person in America and across the world consumes the flesh of at least 100 million animals a year to satisfy their taste for meat. The average American eats approximately 220 pounds of meat yearly. Just think of how many fat-laden hamburgers are sold to satisfy our taste buds. Hamburgers now have invaded the shores of the Orient and Africa. Folks in those parts of the world are just licking up those calories and experiencing the obesity that is found in America. Soon, they will experience the same epidemic of diseases that we are experiencing. We meat eating Americans have the highest rates of breast, colon and prostate cancer. We are second to no one in experiencing diabetes, heart disease, elevated blood pressure and renal failure.

Don’t forget, meat is tasteless until it is drenched with salt and salty condiments in order to satisfy the taste buds. The excess salt is related to hypertension and heart disease and renal failure.

It takes tons and tons of grain to fatten up farm animals who are then sacrificed for our love of meat. The condemned animals are also the cause of contaminating the Earth with waste material as well as the atmosphere with methane gas. It is a no win situation!

What is the answer? Increased consumption of veggies and fresh fruits will ensure a longer stay on this planet before meeting one’s maker. We now are known as a nation of guts and butts, which encourages the building of more hospitals and emergency rooms to treat meat related diseases. The Mediterranean Diet, which consists of grains, fresh vegetables and water, would promote a satisfying and healthier lifestyle.

It is suggested that one can improve and supplement their diets by having a meatless day three times weekly along with substituting water for those tasty, sugar-laden drinks and colas.

I’m sure after reading this column that you’ll no longer be considered to be a “meathead” and will enjoy a healthy and productive life.