Anguilla attack shows Scott Hapgood is an American hero

Armstrong Williams | 6/6/2019, 6:11 p.m.
It is a nightmare scenario that could happen to any American abroad—being attacked by an armed assailant in your own ...
Armstrong Williams

It is more important than ever that we discover the facts—all of them. Is there any truth to the allegations that the attacker was known to police and had prior arrests for violent crimes? This is simple to answer, and Anguilla should release any criminal record immediately.

We already know that the assailant’s own social media pages glorify violence. Images abound of him holding guns, smoking drugs and making obscene gestures. They are much more reminiscent of the poses struck by gangster rappers than the choirboy his friends have made him out to be. Was the attacker on drugs at the time of this event? Is that in part what led him to pursue such a reckless robbery? A full toxicology report would provide some clues. When and where are they?

Scott Hapgood underwent a savage assault and was wildly fortunate to come out of it alive and with his children unharmed. And now, a cynical effort is underway to spread information that is clearly false and seeks to somehow turn Scott from a victim and survivor of violent crime into the bad guy. It is as ridiculous as it is unconscionable.

I sincerely hope that the authorities in Anguilla will come clean with what they know and answer the vital questions. So far, every new piece of information we see seems to confirm that Scott Hapgood is an American hero.