Sporty sojourns for the whole family

SHERYL NANCE-NASH | 3/14/2019, 10:37 a.m.
Sports-theme vacations are more popular than ever.
Family at Riverwalk Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Sports-theme vacations are more popular than ever. Why not get your game on? Or if you’re more of a spectator than a participant, no worries, there’s plenty for the sports enthusiast who favors the view from courtside, the stands, or just likes to be immersed in the culture. Here’s where to go to break a sweat or just cheerlead.

Costa Mujeres, Mexico

Tennis superstar Rafa Nadal just opened the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre at TRS Coral Hotel and Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa. While he will teach tennis when time permits, you can count on the expertise of tennis pros trained at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Mallorca, Spain to help take your game to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or think you know your way around the court. There is an extensive selection of coaching and training programs, with variations suitable for adults, teenagers, children as young as five years old, and different lengths, including private classes, a three-day tennis workshop and a one-week campus, among other options. In addition to eight clay courts, the center is home to a soccer field for teams of seven, paddle tennis court, gym, sports café and museum exhibiting Nadal’s trophies and sports equipment. Wind down after your tennis adventure at Zentropia, the more than 51,000 square foot spa at the Grand Palladium that offers an array of treatments, hot and cold hydro massage baths, waterfalls, saunas and an ice room.

Augusta, Georgia

Tiger Woods rocked the Masters Tournament more than a few times. Make like Tiger and check out golf country. Catch the golf exhibit at the Augusta Museum of History that highlights golf heavyweights like Tiger, and all manner of golf history, or do cool things like taking a flight over Augusta National, one of the most famous golf courses in the world. Then there are the golf course tours of the city, disc golf and more that extends across the Savannah River to North Augusta. Play a round of golf at Forest Hills Golf Club, Gordon Lakes Golf Club or any of the numerous public and private courses. If you’re game, go for disc golf. With three courses at the Professional Disc Golf Association headquarters and four courses at The Hippodrome or single courses at Lake Olmstead Park, Pendelton King Park and Riverview Park there are plenty of places to take family and friends to task to see who’s number one.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Indulge your yogi at Pure Vida House. Practice yoga daily to hit the Zen zone. Better still, do it in the environs of a tropical dry forest and the Pacific Ocean. Fancy yoga in an air-conditioned studio with panoramic views of the Pacific, on the beach, poolside at the villa? Take your pick. Forget mega classes, think small group. Enjoy meditation, gourmet organic food, spa services and two full service spas.

Chicago, Illinois

With a name like Wrigleyville you know baseball is somewhere in the mix. So it is at Wrigleyville, a neighborhood near Wrigley Field home to the Chicago Cubs. It’s all about inside baseball with the Wrigley Field Tour. You can walk the grounds, check out the press box and talk about field of dreams, hit the field and clubhouses. The Wrigley hood is ever so happening hours before and after the games. The hotspot is the intersection of Clark and Addison Streets, eating, drinking and making merriment. Near the stadium you’ll find Murphy’s Bleachers, Sports Corner Bar & Grill, Casey Morans and Sluggers with its batting cage, skeeball, arcade games and more. Even where you crash at night pays homage to the American pastime. Take Hotel Zachary at Gallagher Way, inspired by the designs of Wrigley Field architect Zachary Taylor Davis. Other options include The Wheelhouse Hotel across the street from the stadium and for the pocket-conscious, the Wrigley Hostel.