AIPAC, Israel and the ties that bind us

Armstrong Williams | 3/28/2019, 10:58 a.m.
As AIPAC’s annual conference opens this week in Washington, the group finds itself caught squarely amid the quadruple cross-hairs of ...
Armstrong Williams

Having visited both the Gulf nations, including the UAE and Israel this year, I feel deeply connected to the warmth and friendship I received from the citizens of both sides. As an American I was both welcomed and celebrated as a brother and ally. That is why it is truly important that we allow our voices to stand for peace and prosperity, and that we affirm the rule of law and human rights throughout the region. In fact, American leadership in the region demands that we take an objective view of regional dynamics while at the same time affirming our alliances and strengthening our commitments to shared values.

This, of course, brings us full circle to AIPAC and this week’s conference in Washington. It can no longer be AIPAC’s sole objective to advocate only for Israel’s direct interests in the region. In order to truly be a partner to the U.S. AIPAC must also cast itself in the role of regional peace-builder and help to lead America’s political class to sensible and practical solutions for security, trade and economic growth in the Middle East. In this respect AIPAC is in a truly advantageous position in this current political climate. Instead of merely threading the needle, it can help mend the ties that bind us.