What does AG Barr’s declassification authority really mean?

Armstrong Williams | 5/30/2019, 1:47 p.m.
Together, as a grateful nation of free people, we reflect on this recent Memorial Day weekend to honor the legions ...
Armstrong Williams

Together, as a grateful nation of free people, we reflect on this recent Memorial Day weekend to honor the legions of uniformed service members across the span of our nation’s history, men and women who answered the call to duty to defend our nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. For the sake of country, some of those soldiers have paid the nation for that call to duty with their lives. It is sobering to think deeply about the ultimate sacrifice paid by so few, for so many over the 243 years of our nation’s history.

We must also use this time to reflect on the unprecedented events and actions that took place between the duly elected 45th president of the United States and his attorney general, William Barr. In a perhaps predictable move, the president has ordered the declassification of what could be millions of pages of sensitive classified FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ) court material, investigative documents, related internal memorandum and internal government classified material. The hue and cry of the danger from the Democrats and their MSM counterparts regarding this action will soon be silenced. Bright sunshine has always been the best disinfectant.

Our nation’s classification system was designed and implemented to protect “sources and methods” of the government’s secret work against foreign enemies. It was implemented to protect those performing espionage from both sides as well as the unique tools, methods and techniques employed to actually do risky and sensitive things and communicate securely.

As a framework for the nation’s citizens to see this highly anticipated material and to judge for ourselves, it is important to focus on this fact: The U.S. government classified document system, both laws and regulations, was not designed, and must never be used as the excuse to protect elected officials, USG employees (staff or contract), or sworn 1811 Federal Law Enforcement officials, from embarrassment, shame or to conceal illegal activity and abuse of the public trust and the civil rights abuse of private American citizens.

Attorney General Barr is a man of unquestioned integrity, uniquely experienced in his career and perfectly placed at this time and place in our history, to address an issue that has the potential to seriously injure or permanently damage our constitutional republic. The “public trust,” is something unique to America and is one of our most precious characteristics. Like our Constitution, it is an idea that is built on the foundation of the “consent of the governed.” It is difficult to grasp these ideas until a major crisis occurs, we take these fundamentals to our society for granted. The importance of these documents and concepts is now on display because the consent of the governed is at risk of being revoked. A rupture of the public trust, like we have today, thank God, is a rare occurrence in our nation’s history. The only thing that will cure this rupture and put us on the path to restore the public trust is bright sunshine (the best disinfectant). We the people must see the 5 W’s. The who, what, when, where and why from 2016 through today. What was done, why was it done and perhaps most importantly who did it?