Journalist Joy Reid talks power, identity in the age of Trump

NADINE MATTHEWS | 9/5/2019, 4:23 p.m.
Journalist Joy Reid Reid firmly believes the United States, if it acts quickly, already has the tools with which to ...

While ordinary Americans grapple with the fallout from Trump, his policies mainly benefit its wealthy. “He and his administration are putting in policies,” Reid says, “That are enriching those who are already incredibly rich, stripping the federal treasury of everything in it, and distributing it to their friends and cronies. It’s almost like a bank robbery while the rest of us fight about race.”

The selling doesn’t end at America’s physical borders. Nations like Russia and China profit. “Russia, which has been encouraging this kind of division and hatred, is using it to their own ends to benefit themselves and get themselves more power,” Reid points out. “They’ve been encouraging the breaking up of the western alliance, or funding it. The same way they meddled in our election, they meddled in Europe. They want us fighting about identity instead of paying attention to what they’re doing; grabbing land, cheating and killing their own people and reimagining the world in their image. China as well, is benefiting.”

The key to buying back America, Reid stresses, is voting in such numbers that neutralize the impact of increasing, aggressive voter suppression and interference from foreign powers. The effort must be energetic and unapologetic. She states,”What the majority has to do is take power away from them. Trying to shame them into seeing their immorality, that’s a waste of time. They are who they are and if they come around, great. But don’t let them have power.”

Most importantly, we must vote. Says Reid: “Our laws still allow us to have the right to vote. While the 60 percent majority—which is Black folk, Brown folk and liberal whites—has those rights, we must vote. If the 60 percent actually went to the polls in the kind of percentages that Europeans and African-American women voted, if everybody voted like African-American women, we could beat this minority.”