Xenophobia has no place in South Africa

Dr. George Onuorah | 9/5/2019, 2:38 p.m.
Africa, as the earliest cradle of human civilization, fought tooth and nail to defeat the scourge of apartheid in South ...
Cape Town, South Africa Wikipedia

Against this backdrop, one hopes the African leadership must as a matter of urgency convene an urgent meeting to address how to douse and extinguish the racial tension currently existing in South Africa and other environs.

That this resurgence of violence should [have] come up at the Sept. 4 scheduled World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa makes one wonder the coincidence and also next month’s planned visit by Mohammed Buhari of Nigeria begs a few questions.

But regardless of the why and wherefore of these unfortunate incidents which cast a bad light on Africa, what is needed at this juncture is an immediate cessation of these hostilities, more infusion of tolerance, discarding of all vestiges of animous-revertendi against migrants whether from Nigeria or Namibia. The citizens of South Africa must also understand why many migrants are in their country, which for all intents and purposes is for a better life and economic opportunity.

In the final analysis, for justice and fairness to prevail, culprits must answer and be held accountable for their actions. The leadership in South Africa, the ruling parties and citizens should extend an olive branch to migrants who are in their country seeking economic opportunities and helping to create a more buoyant business environment for South Africans and those who were impacted by this senseless action should be adequately compensated for their loss.

A legal dictum states “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Besides, Nelson Mandela’s legacy is one of love and not hate.

Dr. George Onuorah is the author of “The Political Diary of A Rising Son.” He can be reached via email at grisingson@yahoo.com