Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #169

EDITORIAL | 4/30/2020, midnight
At a time when the nation so desperately needs a leader with vision and empathy, we are stuck with an ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

At a time when the nation so desperately needs a leader with vision and empathy, we are stuck with an incompetent imbecile who thinks he knows it all, but is full of nothing but bluster and blah.

It was good to read that three journalists at the New York Times had devoted time and energy reviewing more than 260,000 words by Trump since the coronavirus pandemic commanded our attention.

Such an endeavor in the end proved fruitful, but they didn’t have to compile that list to show his tendency to congratulate himself, blame others for missteps he made, and heap lie after lie on exaggerations of success, most of which are figments of his imagination.

Several months ago he claimed he was a “stable genius,” and those two words are tantamount to all those harvested by the journalists. When a so-called leader suggests, even sarcastically, that mainlining a disinfectant might be a cure for the virus, it illustrates how far he’s out of touch with reality. In one breath he confesses he’s not a doctor and in the next offers a prescription to solve the problem.

Trump is a study in contradiction, and we had a sample of it last week when he announced curtailing his presence at the task force briefings from the White House only to step right back to the podium with more misinformation.

To date, he appears to be willing to let the nation’s governors call the shots on reopening stores, schools, and the general workplace, but don’t hold your breath on that.

We have a narcissistic madman at the wheel and we are careening ever so catastrophically to more doom and gloom. The pandemic is one thing; a maniac leading the way only worsens the chances for recovery.

In effect, the nation is caught between a rock and a hard place; on the one hand we have a seemingly unrelieved invisible disease, and on the other a very visible one—would that both would disappear.

What trick could fate have done us that we are forced to endure this double menace, but perhaps by November we can be done with both, and then we won’t have to utter: Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!