Knowyournumb3rs Rebirth of A new Nation August 6 - August 12

Kya French | 8/6/2020, midnight
Measurable steps of caution and planning are fast approaching.
Zodiac/Astrology Pixabay

Measurable steps of caution and planning are fast approaching. While preparing for back-to-school time, how to decide whether to allow your child to attend a school in person or online? Obviously, due to the global pandemic, caution is again warranted. Abrupt changes within our communities as well as government-related issues are rapidly unfolding. Uranus goes retrograde on Aug. 15, followed by Mars in Aries going retrograde on Sept. 9, so it’s to your benefit to do your due diligence by the end of August. Prepare for a rainy day or just-in-case episodes. Do you have an emergency plan and is everyone on board? “Success is the sweetest revenge.” Vanessa Williams

Capricorn: Continue to stay in preparation as some form of reparations is forthcoming for the constant labor you’ve dedicated yourself to. Review everything from top to bottom. Plus whatever hang-ups you left for a later day may prove useful now. Some anticipated tasks suggest they should be handled with care. There is nothing you can’t exploit now to your advantage and the best of your abilities. You’re built with a solid foundation and a strong backbone. Keep climbing the mountain while singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” “We all create our own reality by the choices we make.” Cuba Gooding Jr.

Aquarius: Keep yourself aligned with whatever assignments come your way. After all, the show must go on if you want to finalize the outcome you envisaged. See it, dream it, own it, everything is now within sight. Use your imaginary mind to grab it and hold it tight. Now you feel it and it feels so amazing to make your heart beat a little faster. It’s the cosmic adrenaline filling your body and soul with zestful energy. It’s your time to walk it as you talk it. Think it, put it in your mind and you shall receive. “Forget yesterday, live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.” Rick Ross

Pisces: Can you say “Sweet Home Alabama” as the red carpet of opportunity is laid out waiting for you to walk through? Slowly, but surely, the home, the career advancements, bonuses, and renewals are here, much to your pleasure. This is a critical time to separate yourself from what persons, places, and things you no longer need. A small gathering with imaginary piña colada sounds is likely to have a cooling effect for the moment. Notably, this is also a time for romance and finance coming together, making for a win-win. “Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” Queen Latifah

Aries: This week takes things slowly. Anything legal, possible commitments, family obligations, or speaking out too soon may derail you from your present course of action. At times you have to act fast, but with a degree of caution due to the surroundings of your current situation. Life seems to be in constant change now. Decide on what you want to do, and why. The waters at your feet may soon rise to the level of your neck. Get to the cause, while mentally, quietly singing “I Will Survive.” When Mars retrogrades in Aries in just a few weeks the heat may raise. “My future depends mostly upon myself.” Paul Robeson