Knowyournumb3rs Rebirth of a New Nation August 13 - August 19

Kya French | 8/13/2020, midnight
The heat is on. Earthly vibes currently at play help us sense the good and bad that may come our ...
Zodiac/Astrology Pixabay

The heat is on. Earthly vibes currently at play help us sense the good and bad that may come our way. While some may stumble or find your legs a little shaky, continue to walk forward in your purpose. The energies of Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are present among us. Uranus in Taurus will go retrograde soon, causing you to ponder and replay the scenarios of last August up until the beginning of January. Ask yourself what occurred around that time, in case similar occurrences resurface in a different way. Participate in some form of physical exercise as much as possible, so that a newsflash of information or sudden meetings don’t catch you out of shape. “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” Stevie Wonder

Capricorn: As you thinketh this week, so it can be done. Grab your pen and notebook. There’s a lesson in disguise, swiftly on the rise that you need to take note of. Keep in mind, wooden nickels are no longer accepted. You’re embarking on a new career or have a sense of direction, while also fulfilling old obligations as to make way for new beginnings. Sometimes, you have to shoulder people with grace and not take on too much. You can’t travel along other people’s paths that are not conducive to yours. If you do, you’ll only hit a brick wall. “Believe in yourself when nobody else does.” Mary J. Blige

Aquarius: Tina Turner said it best: “Big wheels keep on rolling.” Keep this theme in mind for the week. If you do it’ll be like hitting a grand slam and then some. Whatever ideas or new ventures your mind can possibly think into being, be sure to include them in your projects. Sometimes, we work better in the middle of a crisis, with things mysteriously popping up, off the fly, or even in a global reset like the one now. Ask yourself what resets or adjustments can be made to add more flavor to your unique style for further success. “You look so much better when you smile—so smile.” Kirk Franklin

Pisces: Any form of publishing, writing, or being a problem-solver by listening to people’s issues and sharing your story to inspire them is likely to put people on the right track. A listening ear is what some may need. Be sure you re-energize yourself and avoid other people’s issues that could drain you. Take care of your health. Include a new physical regimen, a change of hairstyle, change of appearance, or even the color of your makeup, along with subtle but sensual fragrances. “When you think outside of what you know, that brings out the best in you.”

Aries: Be mindful this week that what comes out of your mouth may be like writing a check that your mouth can’t cash. Also, some people you know can be a little too controlling or a bad influence. Instead, stay with those who are kindhearted and know how to treat people with respect. The choice is yours as to whom you associate with. Mars in Aries, at the moment stationed in your fourth house, ruled by the water sign of Cancer, brings a mix of fire and water together, creating lava or causing an emotional switch within the home, or perhaps even a desire to build a better foundation. It’s best to work with the energy and not against it. You have a busy week like a social butterfly, so listen to advice or study something new. “I can only give what I have, and when I receive, I give it back.” Chaka Khan