Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #185

EDITORIAL | 8/20/2020, midnight
There was no roar of the crowd, no sustained applause from the audience assembled for the virtual Democratic National Convention; ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

There was no roar of the crowd, no sustained applause from the audience assembled for the virtual Democratic National Convention; still, it commanded enough attention to force Trump to pull another rabbit of distraction from his bottomless reservoir.

The pardoning of Susan B. Anthony, the legendary women’s suffragist who was arrested and fined in 1872 for voting illegally, is obviously a ploy to steal some of the thunder from the convention and at the same time appeal to the white women in his base.

This gambit is just the most recent iteration of his attempts to sidetrack voters, to further his divisive tactics, and close the increasingly large gap he is currently suffering in national polls.

We won’t expend time here discussing the pardoning of Anthony. Her place in history is plagued with a welter of unfavorable stances, none as egregious as her limitations on race and the participation of Black women in the suffragist movement.

In fact, it can be seen as sparking another round of division as the pros and cons of Anthony become a debatable issue. That discussion would only extend Trump’s way of reducing the clamor of the convention.

Even as he seeks ways to undermine the upsurge of Democratic excitement with only 76 days before the national elections he tweeted his customary mean-spirited insults about Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, and other women who spoke at the open of the convention on Monday. As we approach the finish line of the presidential run we can expect a deluge of attacks and more of the nastiness he has spewed on Harris.

His terrible, demeaning tweets—and they come profusely each day, with one tabulation citing more than 30—show his determination to incapacitate the U.S. Postal service, which is already encumbered by the malfeasant postmaster general. Trump would have the mail-in vote delivered by Pony Express, continuing to claim it would be part of the fraudulent intents if he loses the election.

For all his folderol about the inefficiency of the mail-in vote there is no indication that the process has been hampered or crippled by fraud.

What has been handicapped by inadequacy is the functionality of the White House and its incompetent incumbent. And we can never say enough about the lethal combination of ignorance and power at Trump’s disposal.

One theme resonated repeatedly at the opening of the Democratic convention and it’s something you’ve heard to the point of exhaustion here: Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!