KnowYourNumb3rs Rebirth of a New Nation July 2 - July 8

Kya French | 7/2/2020, midnight
As we move forward into the next six months, how do you view yourself in your relationships? A full moon ...
Zodiac/Astrology Pixabay

As we move forward into the next six months, how do you view yourself in your relationships? A full moon in Capricorn on July 5 puts an end to the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse axis. It’s time to complete a 360-degree turnaround to heal, right your wrongs, unite, and make amends to build a stronger bond with your family. A little tender loving care can make a difference in the world if you try. It won’t be until much later in the year that Saturn will close the door in Capricorn, before moving into Aquarius. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you go back to someone from the past, think about how that person made you feel. Heal the relationship, then move forward. “You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” Nina Simone

Capricorn: This week may feel like you’re taking backward steps. Your memory has been jogged for you to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and you may feel a burning desire to walk away and leave it all behind. With the full moon in Capricorn, things may appear to be in limbo, with an up-in-the-air kind of vibe. Silence and stillness have always been your friend, Capricorn. Stay focused. You have a bright future ahead of you. “Remember to keep yourself alive, there is nothing more important than that.” Afeni Shakur

Aquarius: Money talks and bullsh*t walks. A favor or opportunity may come your way. Business will pick up swiftly this week, so rest up and take a deep breath. You’re going to need to rise early with the goal and intention of getting things accomplished by noontime. You will find much of your work is accomplished by then. Feeling the need to be loved or romanced? Treat yourself to a spa, or take a nice bubble bath or steamy shower, then relax in the womb of solitude. “When you’re older and wiser a lot of the ego has gone out of the window.” Billy Ocean

Pisces: Rock, ready, and roll is your mantra this week. It’s about feeling free and just going with the flow. If your friends or family members want to come aboard to join you in your affairs, let them. Otherwise, “let me be” is the thing. Don’t pull or try to hold on to anyone or anything too much. Financial gains, rewards or opportunities may also be in the offering. Take a stroll in nature’s surroundings. If not under restrictions in your area, go to the park, the beach, or even relax in the backyard under a tree. “I keep living life as it dealt with me. Sometimes, it’s not dealt 100%. Sometimes it’s dealt on the low 30s.” Bobby Womack

Aries: Changes are good if you want to grow. It’s about acknowledging your flaws and past experiences, to finally let go and put the kibosh on things. Mars, the planet of confidence and assertiveness, in Aries may boost your sex drive, putting it into high gear with passion and intensity. In the meantime, a desire to finish any outstanding projects can help in completing them. Money aspects, however, may be slow yet help is on the way, especially in the form of service if needed. “Wise is the tongue, wet of perfect thought.” Black Francis