Make American Great Again–Trump Must Go! #182

Herb Boyd | 7/30/2020, midnight
Trump’s fumbling incisiveness on the pandemic is but the latest iteration of his ignorance, insensibility and total disconnect from reality.
Donald Trump CNN photo

Trump’s fumbling incisiveness on the pandemic is but the latest iteration of his ignorance, insensibility and total disconnect from reality. We are not surprised by his inability to find the proper path to flattening the virus, his yes and no on masks, or his various half-baked ideas about remedies for the virus.

The early bouts with Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading expert on COVID-19 and other viruses, revealed just how unprepared, how misinformed Trump was about the pandemic and its continuing surges. Okay, Dr. Fauci may not be ready for Major League Baseball, given his toss at the opening of the season for the Nationals, but his accuracy on the disease is unquestionable and, unlike his boss, his conclusions are not a mish-mosh of recommendations that have done nothing but confuse the American public.

But confusion and distraction, as we have come to learn, are part and parcel of the policies and political strategy of the Trump administration. He is an artless dodger with the sole purpose of retaining the power and authority he has exercised with only a concern to massage his dwindling base of supporters.

And wonderful it is to see that almost daily the polls are showing more and more dips in his popularity, his management of the virus, and the general handling of the nation’s economy. While the latest reports show him trailing Joe Biden by double digits in such key battleground states as Michigan, Arizona, and Florida it’s hardly time for celebration.

Trump may not have a clue on how to run a government but neither do any of his constituents, thus they are in the same boat of narcissism. Of all his recent moves the deployment of his federal agents to Portland is proving to be the most volatile. The militaristic attack on the protesters has infused the activists with a renewed resolve but the tactic may also be creating division and dissent in the throng.

It is hoped that the protesters don’t lose sight of the main issues of police misconduct and reform that are currently jeopardized by disruptive tactics on part of some demonstrators. Divide and conquer has always been a useful gambit by Trump and his legions, and the protesters must be wary of this.

Misleading the public, undermining the advice of experts, and basically applying layers and layers of hoodwinking are the usual devices in Trump’s arsenal and they are geared to combat not only dissenters in the streets but the highly knowledgeable medical community, including Dr. Fauci.

We are pleased that several commentators covering the funeral services for the late Rep. John Lewis, echoed some of his words about “good trouble” as well as the spirt of his resolve that melds perfectly with our Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!