Human rights implications triggers nationwide protests

Brenika Banks | 6/2/2020, 1:49 p.m.
Chants of “no justice, no peace” and “prosecute the police,” continue from protesters across the United States.
Protests in Atlanta (left) and Fayetteville, NC Photos by Dronestar1 and Ramel Bocker

The African American community is deeply disturbed by videos of their violated human rights from authorities who are supposed to protect and serve communities. “It’s a human right violation,” Assemblymember Frontus continued. “There are moments in our lives that push us to have a visceral reaction. This was one of those moments.”

Newly released security footage shows officers taking a series of actions that neglected George Floyd’s human rights. The four Minneapolis Police officers involved disregarded Floyd’s life as he cried and pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. Enraged Minneapolis protesters sent a strong message to their city by setting fire to Police Department’s 3rd Precinct on the night of May 29. People are dissatisfied with non-functionality of police departments and the District Attorney offices when it comes injustices of Black Americans. There have also been reports of white people posing as protesters to stir up violence and pushing black protesters into cops. Unproblematic protesters are chanting, singing, and peacefully exercising their rights. Unfortunately, police officers are using excessive force and initiating violence by shooting protesters with rubber bullets and striking them with batons, as well as arresting them.

“People have a right to demonstrate and raise their voices free from intimidation of unnecessary or excessive force,” Kristina Roth at Amnesty International added. “Law enforcement should facilitate the right to peacefully protests and reserve arresting people for low level offenses related to protest-related activities unless absolutely necessary.”

A number of cops have shown unity to protect each other as they brutalize black people. They are continuing slavery-based actions by targeting and taking black lives. Defunding the police is a movement that many are hoping will defuse police brutality.

“In this instance,” Assemblywomen Frontus expressed, “we are just watching one big movie reel of a story that has been playing out for many years. There is an indifference to black pain and suffering. There’s a 400-year history of dehumanization of black bodies.”