Bow-legged Lou’s dad is memorialized

JACQUELINE WADE GEORGE | 6/25/2020, midnight
Lucien George Sr. was born the 27th day of October 1937 in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Lucien George Sr. Contributed

Lucien Sr. also sang background vocals with his sons and Full Force on their top 10 single entitled All In My Mind. Lucien Sr. also sang background vocals with his sons and James Brown on the song entitled You & Me. Lucien also tutored and groomed  legendary female rapper MC Lyte early in her hip hop career paving the way for her success. Lucien Sr’s big proud moment was when his sons received their first gold albums for the Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force album. His sons dedicated that achievement to their mother and father and took pictures altogether posing with their gold records.

Lucien Sr. was also a member of GCIU Local 119B (the printer’s union.)  Lucien worked as a professional union printer for over 32 years. Lucien  got his nephew David a job through his union. Lucien was always looking out and helping others, especially members of his family. He never preached about what he did; he often said, “Actions speak louder than words.” 

Jacqueline Wade George, Lucien Sr.’s, second wife, was married to Lucien George Sr. for over 15 and a half years until he passed away. Even though Lucien Sr. was many years older than Jacqueline, they got along really well and were soul mates. They first met in Brooklyn and were introduced by Jacqueline’s hairdresser who was also Lucien’s good friend. After seven years of dating, they married on August 27, 2005 in a church ceremony in Philadelphia surrounded by friends and family. Lucien was always very supportive and encouraging of Jacqueline’ theatre work, film work, articles, research, teaching artist positions, volunteer work and  human rights activist work. He loved her creative spirit and mind. He became one of her mentors. He was also one of the producers for several of her plays and various projects. He was her first co-producer on her play, “Black Panther Women” and the play “Miles Davis,” at La Mama E.T.C. Whenever you saw Jacqueline at rehearsals, performances, film shoots,  events or demonstrations, you always saw Lucien Sr. Jacqueline also helped Lucien to battle against Parkinson and Lewy Body Dementia during the last 10 years of his life. Jacqueline and Lucien were the best of friends. Lucien nicknamed Jacqueline his Boobe and Jacqueline nicknamed Lucien her Boobe. Lucien always sang to Jacqueline with his amazing voice. It always made her smile. Jacqueline always encouraged him to sing and write songs. They shared many beautiful years and memories together.

Lucien Sr. also went to City College to attend night classes to work on his GED with the encouragement and help from his wife Jacqueline. Lucien Sr. respected education and encouraged and supported Jacqueline in getting her first master’s degree along with encouraging her to work  on her second one while she worked. He was Jacqueline’s rock and she was his. Jacqueline also encouraged Lucien who had a great fear of heights and of flying to travel back to St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands to visit his family and friends after he had been away for over 40 years. Jacqueline surprised him with a cruise to take him home. This meant a lot to him. They traveled together many times after that to his homeland. Whenever they flew, Jacqueline made sure he was safe. Lucien also loved taking adventurous road trips by bus and/or train with Jacqueline throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada to many new and exotic interesting places throughout their marriage. Lucien loved it. Lucien also always looked after Jacqueline. When 911 occurred in New York City, Jacqueline was stuck on a number 4 subway train underground between Fulton and Wall Street as the World Trade Towers were coming down. The subway train bolted into Brooklyn as the ground shook. Lucien walked from his job three miles away and waited for Jacqueline to arrive at her job safely in Brooklyn to protect her and take her home.