61 days to go

EDITORIAL | 11/19/2020, midnight
By the time you read this Trump will have 61 days left in office, whether he concedes or not. And ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

By the time you read this Trump will have 61 days left in office, whether he concedes or not. And to Trump’s warped worldview, apparently neither concession nor confession is good for the soul.

That we and the nation have survived this long under his tyrannical rule is quite amazing, and even the arrival of a dreaded virus that he has done little to stifle leaves most of us undaunted.

It was not at all amusing to see Trump in a motorcade, clearly endorsing the protesters in the nation’s capital last weekend chanting that the election was rigged and that their man was the rightful winner.

He drove through the crowd with the same disregard about the pandemic crisis as he does trolling the internet, tweeting nonsense and conspiracy theories. At a time with COVID-19 increasing dreadfully with upticks in the number tested positive, being hospitalized and dying, Trump is preoccupied with an election that he has lost, an outcome even his authoritarian edicts cannot reverse.

What can be reversed, or least have the numbers reduced, is attention to the virus, which from its very menacing onslaught has failed to register in his distorted reality.

Yep, 61 days and counting and with each tick of the clock we get closer to his exit, but he seems determined to wreak as much havoc as he can before his ultimate departure. To be sure, as we count the days and he will find ways to continue his executive privilege, to further his elimination of the Obama legacy.

How we wish we could speed up the clock, flip the calendar faster before Trump applies more damage, overturns more legalities, and enforces his disturbed will on what he believes is right and wrong.

A lot of folks without masks, waving Trump banners, and wearing MAGA hats were at the recent rally, and if Trump has his way—which he has had distressingly for nearly four years—we are still a long way from getting his knee off the neck of our democratic rights.

How long, not long, Dr. King once preached, acknowledging that the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice––it also bends toward the final days of a tyrant.