Countdown to the final curtain

EDITORIAL | 11/26/2020, midnight
At last my friends, we are near the end, perhaps the final curtain; though unlike the song we can’t be ...
Donald Trump CNN photo

At last my friends, we are near the end, perhaps the final curtain, though unlike the song we can’t be for certain. Trump continues to make routine events look like grand courtesies, gifts on his part. After the General Services Administration formally announced that Joe Biden is the official winner, Trump has indicated he’s willing to allow the governmental transition to proceed.

Also, again as though it was a gesture of generosity, Trump has agreed to allow the president-elect to have access to the daily presidential briefings, though that is yet to be a reality. Nor has Trump given any indication that his concession speech is imminent.

What is becoming increasingly imminent is his last gasp to hold off his inevitable defeat with nearly all his lawsuits and recounts exhausted. Some of the contested states have even shown an increase in votes for Biden.

Those so-called legal moves to find illegalities were doomed from the start. They were merely the death rattle of a re-election campaign hopelessly adrift with a ship manned by a captain worse than Wolf Larsen of the Sea Wolf or Bligh of the Bounty.

What’s it all about, Trump? Is this nothing more than another moment of your egomania that refuses to accept defeat, to maintain your social distance from the truth? Is this part of a long-range plan to seek revenge in 2024, to fatten your coffers, to keep your base in place?

No matter your intentions, the stonewalling is about the only wall of any use to you, and that too cannot stand very long, particularly now that we learn that more GOP members are voicing their complaints.

Currently, you have been MIA, which in one translation is missing in action, but in another it is mighty incompetent a------, something your proctologist perhaps has already told you.

Ah, how pleasurable it was to read that you had taken blows from General Motors, where Mary Barra is the honcho and from Michigan where Gov. Whitmer runs the show. And more women are on the way, if Biden’s reported nominations are confirmed.

Yes, Dr. King, we know the arc of the universe is long and bends toward justice, it’s just us who are waiting for the calendar to flip, the clock to tick the final minutes of the tyrant-in-chief. How many days? Let’s count them together.