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Hair color news: ‘A granny trend’

Are older women coloring their hair more? In the hair industry, “granny trend” and “co-washing” are the new buzzwords.

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Hats are marvelous for fall ’15

During the recent Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fall/Winter Fashion Week, young milliner Merve Bayindir offered a heads-up with her outstanding collection of hats

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Educators, activists denounce Cuomo’s Education Investment Tax Credit proposal

Last week, educators and educational activists called for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ax plans for an Education Investment Tax Credit, which they call a “scheme” to divert money from public education.

Unions strike for right to organize

Earlier this month, Environmental Service Systems employees walked off the job, demanding that their employer respect their right to be represented by their union, Local 32BJ.

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Cooperation, not conflict, will help reduce crime

All New Yorkers must be concerned with fighting crime, but it is the city government’s mandate to focus on keeping all New Yorkers and visitors safe.

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B.B. King—the best of the best, and a king indeed

Whether it’s history (“When I first got the blues, They brought me over on a ship.

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Malcolm X legacy honored on his 90th birthday

he celebration of what would have been the 90th birthday of slain international activist Malcolm X began with hundreds making the pilgrimage to the Ardsley gravesite, where the man also known as El-Haj Malik El-Shabazz is interred with his wife, Dr. Betty Shabazz.

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United Way of New York City honors Giants, Jets at 22nd annual Gridiron Gala

United Way of New York City, the New York Giants and the New York Jets reteamed last week for the 22nd annual Gridiron Gala in support of New York City’s youth.

Cosmopolitan Review 5/21 - 5/27

Are you ready to roll out the lazy, hazy days of summer? The days of potato salad, watermelon and beer?

Do black lives matter in Israel? Ethiopian Jews protest racism and police brutality

Just as African-American activists have taken to the streets in recent months, decrying anti-Black brutalities by the police, their African-Israeli counterparts have launched a parallel protest in recent days, calling for an end to racial discrimination in the Holy Land.

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Michelle Obama: A Life

Somebody, somewhere close is talking about whether first lady Michelle Obama will ever run for office. Even as Hillary Clinton is primed for the run, eyes and opinions are looking further into the future.

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Keep it current

As the weather finally begins to change, I am inspired by the phrase “Keep it current.” It may seem like a simple or even abstract phrase to some, but it is quickly becoming a guiding principle for me in all facets of my life.

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Michelle Obama tells the truth at Tuskegee’s graduation

The reality of being Black in America is not understood by white people, and many prefer to treat us as if we don’t exist or will eventually disappear.

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Reconstructing the Black family

For a select few in the know, the election and re-election of President Barack Obama and the passage of his signature Affordable Care Act mark not the pinnacle (as is widely assumed) but rather the end of a golden era of racial progress and progressive social policy in America

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The murdering of Black men!

Black men know why we are murdered. We talk about it.

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E pluribus racism

If we need any further evidence that we are years if not decades away from a post-racial society—and that point has been made repeatedly with the rash of fatal assaults on unarmed Black men by white police officers—check the recent racist emails, comments and responses from law-enforcement officers in Miami, a school principal in Georgia and a professor at Duke University.

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Albany Should Scrap Giveaway to Developers

First conceived in 1971, the 421-a tax exemption was billed as a stimulant for a lagging private residential market with a strong affordability mission built in.

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Eric Adams warns teens about prom night dangers

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams recently held a press conference at Brooklyn Borough Hall alongside teens dressed in their prom attire to offer important safety tips for parents and students this prom season.

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Manhattan BP opens storefront on 125th Street

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer opened the doors to her storefront location at 431 West 125th Street.

Anti-violence groups and local celebrities collaborate after violence weekend

In response to recent incidents of violence, which has claimed the lives of multiple people in New York’s most vulnerable communities, anti-violence organizations are coming together to intervene.

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