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Writing letters must not be a dying art

All of these modes of communication are necessary and helpful in our quest to stay involved and connected. However, I am proposing the slower way to stay connected.

Convertible justice: The inequitable currency of human life

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the abduction of 276 girls from a Nigerian school and the three-month anniversary of the slaughter of 2,000 people in Baga, how can we explain the lack of international response to the expansion of Boko Haram?

Is this better?

Increasing the number of people graduating from high school and seeking higher education is particularly important in our inner cities, where public high school graduation rates are often less than 70 percent.

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National Action Network holds annual convention

The National Action Network's Annual Conference kicked off yesterday at a ribbon cutting ceremony where Rev. Al Sharpton was joined by Mayor de Blaiso, NJ Mayor Ras J. Baraka, Chairman Reverend Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, NAN Board Members, and other special invited guests.

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imhotep's Guide To Black Events 04/9-04/15

Imhotep's weekly guide to Black events.

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A Great Day (for food) in Harlem

Styled to pay homage to the iconic 1958 photo “A Great Day in Harlem,” Harlem EatUp! Festival's founding sponsor Citi and organizers staged a commemorative photo shoot featuring Harlem chefs and restaurateurs.

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Talking SCHOP! Two-for-one holiday weekend

Kysha "SCHOPgirl" Harris gives a review of Manhattan restaurant Indian Road Cafe.

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Welcome to Macon, Georgia!

Located a little over an hour’s drive north from Atlanta, Macon is a boutique town (approximately 90,000 people in the entire county) that offers a bigger city punch.

Federal EEOC: NYC discriminated against minority/women employees

Monday, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that the city of New York had systematically discriminated against its employees on the basis of race and gender, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

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McDonald’s workers offended by company’s wage ‘stunt’

One day after workers announced a planned strike on tax day, April 15, McDonald’s engaged in an act many workers have labeled as cynical.

Still going crazy for Will Downing

David Goodson talks about Will Downing and his latest album in this weeks "Nightlife" review.

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G&B Foundations’ 15th annual Awards and Scholarship Luncheon

March 21, Riccardo’s Ballroom in Astoria hosted the G&B Foundations’ 15th Annual Awards and Scholarship Luncheon, honoring seven young people with college scholarships.

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Caribbean culinary series for PBS

Jamaican-born Hugh “Chef Irie” Sinclair will tantalize viewers with traditional and gourmet Caribbean recipes on the new cooking series, “Taste the Islands with Chef Irie.”

What in the world is Cuomo thinking?

So much for New York being one of only a few states in the union to allow high school graduates who are undocumented immigrants to apply for state financial aid for college.

Ex-officers line up behind Guyana elections coalition

When the Caribbean trade bloc headquarter nation of Guyana votes for a new government May 11, the elections will most likely be a straight race between a multiracial opposition coalition group and the Indo-dominated governing People’s Progressive Party...

Test taking and money making

I voted no for the so-called education reforms portion of the $141.6 billion New York budget for two reasons.

Time to reap some reparations!

There are times when the editorials in the major dailies take positions on subjects that we applaud.

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The Rev. Dr. Clarence Norman Sr. celebrates 62 years as pastor at the same church

Norman is a multifaceted and caring individual with extensive training and commitment in areas that affect the community.

The Cosmopolitan Review 04/9-04/15

Added to the ongoing saga of hatred is the recent episode featuring Patrick Cherry (I refuse to call him detective, as he is a disgrace to the squad). Just who does he think he is?

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Mumia still in critical condition

Suzanne Ross, a veteran activist and longtime stalwart in the fight for the liberation of Mumia Abu-Jamal, was among a contingent of supporters who traveled to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

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