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Brennyn Lark makes stunning Broadway debut in ‘Les Miserables

If you go to the theater to be moved, to cry and to feel inspired, then you must make plans to see the current revival of “Les Miserables,” playing at the Imperial Theatre on West 45th Street.

Joe Morton is the brilliant Dick Gregory in ‘Turn Me Loose’

“Turn Me Loose” is a tour-de-force that celebrates Dick Gregory’s brilliance. Joe Morton is quick-witted, funny and poignant as the iconic comedian.

Last Poet Abiodun launches latest release

Famed Last Poet Abiodun Oyewole and his music group released their new album “Gratitude” at New Harlem Besame Lounge this week.

Winners announced at Newark Black Film Festival

A documentary about author Alice Walker and a drama about boxing are among the winners of the Newark Black Film Festival 2016 Paul Robeson Award.

Horoscope: May 26 - June 1

Find out what that star say about what's in store for your future.

Ailey begins Lincoln Center season

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Artistic Director Robert Battle has announced the program for the company’s two-week Lincoln Center season, June 8-19, and it is a jam-packed choreographic grab bag featuring more than a dozen works on five different programs.

Jumatatu Poe keeping people in the know

In the vast landscape of pop culture, dance has and will always be a welcomed barometer.

Dianne McIntyre and six dance artists receive Doris Duke Artist Award

Harlem’s own Dianne McIntyre is named as one of the seven dance artists to receive the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s fifth annual Doris Duke Artist Award.

The need for speed: A trip to NASCAR

I’ve watched NASCAR races on TV many times and have learned over time that there is a lot more to it than just driving around in a circle for a few hours.

Beauty app news for you

With the age of technology moving so fast, keeping up with all the new beauty apps can get hectic.

Evening glamor: Soft, sexy and sophisticated

World-class women are devoted to the top designers and the fashions in their collections.

Legends who walk among you: The Veldt

Any given day on the Lower East Side, you can find members of The Veldt, a legendary Black psychedelic Brit Pop band who got their start and a major label record deal with Polygram in the ’80s.

Diddy and The Family are back

In 1993 an aspiring music executive established a label that would eventually lay the foundation of a movement that would literally have a global impact. Fashion, multimedia and food/beverage were a few of the industries that were influenced by the ...

The Duke is tops

To capture the majesty and influence of Duke Ellington’s music requires a yearlong activity, each day representing a tenth of his compositions, many of them immortal standards.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is a conflict worth seeing!

Although nations around the world appreciate the brave heroics of the Avengers, the leaders from the international community become weary of the collateral loss of innocent lives and the massive property damage resulting from the super heroes’ otherwise effective crime-fighting ...