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Stevie Wonder says, ‘Black Lives Matter because we are the original people of this world’

While on the set of a London performance during the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park last month, superstar singer Stevie Wonder dropped some science as he exhorted the audience of more than 65,000 in attendance to remember that ...

Clara Francis Gallery opens in Harlem

The Clara Francis Gallery is opening with the exhibition of “Haile King-Rubie: Speaking Colors.”

Sleek skis are colorful in abstract designs

For winter 2016-2017, Black Crows showed a colorful lineup of outerwear alongside their 10th collection of skis.

Jim Jones, Jill Scott take center stage

A reinforced concrete foundation was laid for the Harlem-based hip-hop groups, with teams the likes of Master Don & The Death Committee, the Disco 4, The Crash Crew, The Fearless Four and The Treacherous Three leading the way.

Chano Pozo, the great Cuban percussionist and composer

As we approach the precipice of the Harlem/Havana Music & Cultural Festival, a nearly weeklong event from Aug. 15 to Aug. 21, it is difficult not to think of the great Cuban percussionist, conguero Chano Pozo.

Talking SCHOP! Shrimp + Pasta

I adore shrimp. It is such an easy and versatile ingredient with such a big flavor. Here is my recipe for a quick pasta dish that I love making for my clients and for myself.

Four Days in Wisconsin

While on Skype with a friend who lives in Berlin, I turned my computer around to show my view.

Jazz on the Hill, Jazz in the Valley, Harlem/Havana

The tenor saxophonist, composer, arranger and big band leader Jimmy Heath will celebrate his 90th birthday in October, but on Aug. 13, he will start his major birthday celebration early at “Great Jazz on the Great Hill” in Central Park ...

Jordan Donica, first Black ‘Raoul’ in Broadway’s ‘Phantom’

I remember how excited I was when it was first announced that Norm Lewis was going to be cast as the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera,” on Broadway, making him the first Black man to play the role ...

‘Nine Lives’—Not cute even with kittens

“Nine Lives,” the animated comedy starring Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken, did the impossible. This jumble of a film made cats not cute.

Harry Lennix of the ‘Blacklist’ keeping it busy

The first thing that hits you about Harry Lennix is the booming sound of his voice. It’s deep and comforting and sounds like God but not the “fire, hail, brimstone, hell bound” version of God.

‘Hamilton’ keeps rolling on

Sydney James Harcourt is now in the role of Aaron Burr, which is the very same role that earned Leslie Odom Jr. a Tony—this year—and Harcourt is brilliant as Burr.

Greg Tate releases follow-up to groundbreaking debut with ‘Flyboy 2'

World renowned author, music critic and founder of the Black Rock Coalition, Greg Tate, has released a follow-up anthology to his groundbreaking book of essays and criticism, “Flyboy in the Buttermilk: Essays on Contemporary America,” which was published in 1992.

Former AileyCamper, now Ailey member Solomon Dumas affirms program’s value

Thursday, Aug. 11, more than 100 youngsters will take the stage at Hostos Center for Arts & Culture for a festive performance that caps their six-week summer at CAS/AileyCamp New York.

Thousands of kids hurt annually on amusement rides

From carousels to roller coasters, part of summer fun for many kids is a trip to the local carnival or a nearby amusement park. But experts are warning that children need to be supervised on rides because of the risk ...