Trimming the book tree

On Horace Campbell’s “Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya,” Dr. Grant Harper Reid’s “Rhythm for Sale” and Charlotte V.M. Ottley's “Surviving Success: Changes, Challenges & Choices”

Former Riker’s warden gives kids the ‘411’

In “The 411 On Bullying, Gangs, Drugs and Jail: The Formula for Staying in School and Out of Jail,” written by Warden Howard Robertson, speaks from his personal experiences and interviews he conducted with young men on Riker’s Island. Robertson ...

All About ‘Beyoncé: Before the Legend’

Read about how Beyoncé made the transition from Destiny’s Child to “Dangerously in Love” and Jay Z in “Beyoncé: Before the Legend—The Rise of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child (The Early Years).” It’s a true, timeless story, and it explains the ...

Rev. Sharpton: Now that we have marched, let’s get to work

This past Saturday, approximately 175,000 to 200,000 people gathered and marched in Washington, D.C., to call attention to the civil rights challenges of our time.

Fast food workers go on national strike Aug. 29, continue demand for $15 an hour

Today, fast-food workers all around the country staged yet another walkout to rally in favor of a living wage and better benefits—with New York leading the charge.

White House Boys: A story of modern day slavery

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has given the University of South Florida the okay to being the body exhumations at the infamous Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys campus. This victory comes after years of local and legal battles that ...

Heat stroke in little folks

Summertime means playtime, but playtime in overbearing heat can cause heat exhaustion and heat strokes in little folks.

Summer read: ‘The Bald Mermaid’

During your life, you live many lives. While reading “The Bald Mermaid: A Memoir” by Sheila Bridges (Pointed Leaf Press, September 2013), you will enjoy the journey of this author, who shares several of her life’s stories.

Sonia Sanchez, the Rev. James Forbes spark Harlem Book Fair

It wasn’t a full house at the Harlem Book Fair’s Phillis Wheatley Book Awards last Friday at the Schomburg Center, and only half of the winners attended, but poet-activist Sonia Sanchez was there and she was worth the time and ...

True South Brooks owner has aneurysm

Monroe Brown, beloved owner of True South Books, suffered an aneurysm shortly after the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman verdict came in.

Book depicts Black Cuban experience in America

What’s beautiful about Evelio Grillo’s memoir, “Black Cuban, Black American” (Houston, Texas: Arte Publico Press, 2000), is the author’s vivid depiction of a striving, comforting and constantly threatened Black world. Grillo describes what African-American communities were like during the early ...

‘Emancipation Proclamation—Forever Free,’ a new book by UMI, can help

The amount I know about my freedom and the U.S. Constitution, sadly, is very little. I know there is a Constitution, but the details on how it was shaped and the real reason why it is such an important part ...

Community Calendar July 18th

Greetings! As the weather heats up, so do the politics across the nation in the wake of the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial. During a concert on Sunday in Quebec City, Canada, my longtime friend, brother and creative ...

‘Dalit’ sheds light on maligned Afro-Indian community

The third edition of V.T. Rajshekar’s “Dalit: The Black Untouchables of India” (Atlanta, Ga.: Clarity Press, 1997) remains an important book for those interested in understanding the length and breadth of the African diaspora.

Martin Bernal, author of ‘Black Athena,’ dead at 76

At the close of the introduction to his breathtaking study “Black Athena,” Martin Bernal stated, “The political purpose of ‘Black Athena’ is, of course, to lessen European cultural arrogance.”