‘The 40-Year-Old Version’ now playing on Netflix

I love Radha Blank’s semi-autobiographical comedy, “The 40-Year-Old Version,” now playing on Netflix.

Broadway for Biden: ‘A Concert for the Soul of the Nation’ free & live Oct. 21

This is the most important election this country has faced in my lifetime. Under Donald Trump’s leadership the country is dying, ill, suffering, unemployed and divided.

PBS doc ‘Driving While Black’ examines Black experience on America’s roads

America’s literary canon contains a number of books inspired by the potent combination of the automobile, the interstate highway system, and an advertising industry wildly successful at equating cars with status, freedom, virility, rebellion and endless possibility.

Urbanworld Film Fest: ‘The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain’ among winners

Art, artists, stories and storytellers are important to our culture and to our people.

‘In My Blood It Runs’ reminds us what Indigenous people have in common

When we meet pre-teen Dujuan, the main subject in the documentary In My Blood It Runs, currently streaming on PBS’ site, he’s living with his older brother, newborn brother, mother, and grandmother.

‘Charm City Kings’ on HBO MAX: a gem by director Angel Manuel Soto

This is good storytelling. Keep your eye on director Angel Manuel Soto.

‘Lovecraft Country,’ a fantastical take on Black/white dynamics in Jim Crow America

It would be wrong to try and quickly devour “Lovecraft Country,” a series that demands to be carefully chewed and slowly savored.

Saul Williams talks new film, ‘Akilla’s Escape’

Actor, musician, poet and New York native Saul Williams is starring in a new film, “Akilla’s Escape.”

Halle Berry has directorial debut with ‘Bruised’

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry knows a lot about perseverance in Hollywood.

Steve McQueen’s ‘Lovers Rock’ takes us back in time

Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen (“12 Years a Slave”) describes the feeling of his new film, “Lovers Rock,” as “church.”

‘Noughts + Crosses’ —In a world where Blacks (Crosses) dominate, still no answers

Well educated and well heeled, the Hadleys of Albion are like many of the world’s elite families.

Oscar winner Regina King’s ‘One Night in Miami’ is a knockout!

Oscar-winning actress Regina King did it with her film directorial debut, “One Night in Miami,” currently screening at TIFF, which the actress hopes “can inspire real transformative change.” Amazon Studios picked up “One Night in Miami” with plans to release ...

David Oyelowo has directorial debut with ‘The Water Man’

“Selma” star David Oyelowo steps behind the camera directing his first feature film “The Water Man,” which screened at TIFF. Tapping into his childhood to make an adventure fantasy film where young Black kids can see themselves on screen.

Viola Davis and husband start off Master Class Series at TIFF 2020

There is something very rewarding about covering the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) from the safety of my Harem apartment.

58th New York Film Fest runs Sept. 17-Oct. 11

There is a saying in the entertainment industry that highlights the resilience of the artist. That saying is “the show must go on,” and for the 58th New York Film Festival, that’s exactly what’s going to happen from Sept. 17-Oct. ...