‘London Has Fallen’ rises to the occasion

As the world is shocked by the unexpected death of the British prime minister, the leaders of the Western world, including U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), immediately make plans to attend the funeral in London.

Tyler Perry to narrate modern-day version of 'The Passion'

New Orleans is famous for its processions, but on Palm Sunday, Tyler Perry and a host of stars will take things to a new level with a live, modern-day portrayal of the last hours of Jesus' life on Earth.

The casting of Nina Simone and why skin color matters

The casting of Zoe Saldana to play civil rights icon and singer Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic has reignited a debate about race and skin tone in Hollywood that goes beyond just black and white

March 2016 travel calendar of events

Upcoming events for the emerging spring season.

Oscar boycott party held at Harlem’s Shrine

Consistent with what many would want the Academy Awards to actually be, a diverse group of New Yorkers came together at Harlem’s Shrine World Music Venue

Oscar winners speak with the AmNews

In 2014, Jared Leto smiled and winked at me and let me hold his Oscar in the pressroom.


Its 1936. Nazi Germany hosts that year’s Summer Olympics.

‘Risen’ raises the bar slightly for diversity

What has been called “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” the depiction of the resurrection of Jesus, has been produced often on TV and in film. The most recent adaptation is the film “Risen.”

Oscars overnight ratings hit eight year low

The 88th Annual Academy Awards had controversy, Chris Rock, and a few surprises ("Spotlight" wins Best Picture!), but the big storylines on Hollywood's biggest night brought in disappointing ratings for the Oscars.

Chris Rock: 'You're damn right Hollywood is racist'

Everyone knew that Oscars host Chris Rock, after six weeks of silence on the issue, was going to address the #OscarsSoWhite controversy during his monologue Sunday night.

Oscar Awards boycott party being held in Harlem

Imagenation is hosting a free Oscar Boycott Party in Harlem on Sunday.

Melissa Harris-Perry 'highly unlikely' to return to MSNBC

"Melissa Harris-Perry" the TV show ended not with a celebration or a cancellation, but with a tug of war over Beyoncé.

Oscar Micheaux: The first prominent African-American filmmaker

Movie-director Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett Smith are leading a boycott of Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony due to its “lack of Black” nominees after an all-Caucasian slate was selected last month for the second consecutive year.

Film fest celebrates Black History Month

From Feb, 26 to 28, 2016, the African Diaspora International Film Festival will celebrate Black History Month from an international perspective in the spirit of the International Decade for People of African Descent (2015–2024).

Rev. Al Shapton to lead rally before Academy Awards in support of 'TV Tune-Out'

Rev. Al Sharpton is moving forward with urging people to not watch the Academy Awards set for Sunday in Los Angeles with several rallies across the nation.