Talking SCHOP! The Thanksgiving leftovers ‘cart’

You know the saying, “putting the cart before the horse,” to express jumping ahead of the natural order of things? Spoiler alert: that is exactly what I am about to do when it comes to Thanksgiving and its leftovers.

A prosecco luncheon at Sylvia’s

It was a serious TGIF at Sylvia’s!

Talking SCHOP! The early bird gets the WIN!

We are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving, which it is the perfect time to let our annual fool-proof turkey recipe help set the table for a fruitful holiday.

The Art of the Mix finale

For the last two weeks, bartenders and mixologists have been throwing it down and mixing it up at restaurants and bars all over Upper Manhattan.

Talking SCHOP! Ruby’s Vintage opens

Last week, the latest venture from Harlem restauranteur Brian Washington Palmer (Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash) and Nikoa Evans-Hendricks (executive director, Harlem Park to Park) opened with an event befitting its name.

Bar 314 opens!

I fell in love with babbalucci when it first opened based purely on the fried pizza. I had to see what LoPresto did with the former Serafina space and their wood burning pizza oven.

Talking SCHOP! Uno en La Mano…

You know the saying, “One in the hand is better than two in the bush?” It refers to being grateful for what you have instead of waiting for what might be.

More great food weeks to come!

Opening Tuesday, Oct. 23, is the much anticipated newest restaurant on the Harlem foodscape.

African Restaurant Week 2018

Whoa! The New York African Restaurant Week has already begun! We have until Oct. 21 to visit more than 20 restaurants providing a prix fixe menu plus cooking classes,

Talking SCHOP! A delicious Harlem Harvest Festival

Harlem Park to Park continues to expand their annual Harlem Harvest Festival to great success. This year’s festival was no exception.

…And food at Oscar Wilde

While Oscar Wilde (@OscarWildeNYC) bartender Kris Baljak was plying my friend and me with gorgeously prepared cocktails at the whiskey bar, manager Luis Martinez made sure we had a couple of their signature victuals. They were much needed to keep ...

African-American youth wins prestigious Diana Award

At 6 years old, Corey Nieves tapped into his entrepreneurial spirt by starting a cookie business. Now at 14, Mr. Cory’s Cookies is a successful business that sells natural gourmet cookies.

Seal the Seasons

I continue to celebrate my experience at Specialty Food Association Summer Fancy Food Show, mostly because of all the great products I am still enjoying, but also all of the food makers with whom I remain in contact.

Talking SCHOP! Sofrito that ‘ish!

I continue to cook up a storm for my clients every week. That is six-plus hours a day of shopping, chopping and cooking for busy people and I have developed some tricks of the trade.

First Black Duchess of Sussex releases cookbook celebrating diversity

Meghan Markle, the first Black (and first ever) Duchess of Sussex, recently released a new cookbook, although the concept for it is not new.