Talking SCHOP! Battle: Gumbo II

My family's official gumbo recipes

Talking SCHOP! Battle: Gumbo for the Hollidays

planning the next eating holiday

Talking SCHOP! Thank you again

Happy Thanksgiving, Harlem!

Talking SCHOP! Preparing for Thanks

When Halloween is over, the next seasonal step is Thanksgiving, right? So why am I only seeing advertisements for Christmas? There is so much joy to be had in the in-between. I find it especially frustrating because I have been ...

Let the food frenzy begin!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, thus signaling the beginning of the food frenzy that lasts until New Year’s Day. And while every year your goal might be to not overdo it, a true foodie doesn’t even have those thoughts ...

Talking SCHOP! A food film date

When one thinks of food and film, it is usually a date night: either an early movie with post-viewing debate/discussion about the film’s finer and lesser moments over pasta and wine or, vice versa, letting your server know that you ...

Ebony Escapes! into November

From Afrocentric films to significant art exhibitions, circus performances and food, November is a great month to celebrate

Deep history, great cuisine and of course Lincoln

Last time around, we had just started exploring African-American history past and present in Springfield, as it is inextricably tied to the issue of slavery in Lincoln’s day and how the city has developed since then. In addition to visiting ...

Red Lobster opens in Harlem

The long-awaited Red Lobster in Harlem is open.

Over a million New Yorkers face food stamp cuts

more than 47 million Americans lost money to buy food for their family

Talking SCHOP! Movin’ on up with the NYCWFF 2013

I absolutely love this time of the year for more than just the beautiful change in foliage and the weather

Talking SCHOP! Harlem trick-or-eating

Happy All Hallow’s Eve to you, Harlem.

A healthy Harlem at Red Rooster

This Saturday, Oct. 26, chef Marcus Samuelsson, owner of Red Rooster Harlem, will participate in For a Healthy Harlem

Talking SCHOP! From a flat top?! Wow!

here is something to be said about a seemingly simple menu

Report: Low-wage fast-food jobs cost New Yorkers $708M

A recent report by a university has recharged the batteries of the fast-food workers’ push for organization in New York.