For digital nomads, working from home means working from anywhere

The pandemic took working from home to a new level. Remote working became a way of life and for many people, there’s no turning back to the traditional 9-to-5 in the office.

Beautiful countryside to cosmopolitan culture—find it in Canada

Now that the border between the United States and Canada is again open, you’re toying with the idea of going north. The beauty that is Canada awaits.

Rooftop spots to cool off from the summer heat

It’s the heart of the summer. The cool spot amid the heat is on rooftops. Whether you’re looking for a bar, restaurant, or pool, take the elevator to the top. The biggest question is how do you like your martini ...

Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship brings more magic to the seas

As the travel industry continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, cruises are also coming back and travelers are ready to set sail.

Legendary ‘Dungeon Family’ home becomes Airbnb for a weekend

A home of hip hop lore became a weekend home for others.

Romantic getaways for just the grown-ups

Children are a gift from the Lord, but that’s not to say parents don’t need a break every now and again.

Cool off with some wonderful waterfall destinations

Waterfalls never disappoint. Their beauty awes. If you had to hike to get to it, the victory of the climb and the site you behold makes the reward sweeter still.

Take advantage of these airport freebies and perks

As you start traveling again, vow to be a smarter traveler. Look for ways to save money while you’re on the road, from start to finish. Money saved can be stashed for your next big adventure.

Summer travel 2021: Vacationing in a post-COVID world

With more Americans getting vaccinated and COVID-19 infection rates going down, people are traveling again just in time for the summer vacation season.

Sample a stay with a hotel day pass

Sometimes all you need is a little taste of something. Just like you don’t always need a five-course meal, and appetizers can satisfy you, so it goes with day passes to hotels and resorts. You get to live the dream ...

Turn up the heat: Hot springs in the U.S.

Some like it hot. There’s something to be said for heat. Around the United States there are hot springs that can do a body good

High-end hostels give hotels a run for their money

When you think of a hostel the image that comes to mind may be some drab, non-descript facility full of backpacking kids.

Multi-generational family trips

That multi-generational family vacation you’ve been dreaming about can happen sooner rather than later as people continue to get vaccinated.

‘Second-tier’ European cities that are top-notch

The day will come when the world is your oyster again and you’re ready for a jaunt across the pond to Europe. The latest is that the EU is talking about opening its doors to vaccinated Americans this summer, so ...

Dreamy day trips from NYC

What a difference a day makes. You don’t always need a two-week vacation.