Split, Croatia—jewel of the Adriatic

This month Croatia made a huge splash on the world stage when their football team made it all the way to the final game of the World Cup—the first time in that nation’s history.

Food. Film. Beach?

That’s right! It’s time for the seventh annual Long Beach International Film Festival running from Aug. 1 to Aug. 4.

Summer in Iceland: Hot springs under the midnight sun

Temperatures might be ascending back home in the states, but over here in Reykjavik, summer days are approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunlight lasts for nearly 24 hours (Yes, you read that correctly—there’s basically daylight around the clock during the ...

Travel agency rips off several Black women who planned to attend Essence Music Festival

Two Black women who planned to attend the event are very disappointed because they were apparently taken advantage of by OBL Travel.

Surviving an overnight flight

Overnight flights make the most sense if you’re flying quite the distance because they allow you to start your day at the start of the day.

Tips for taking worthy vacation photos

These days, you can’t go anywhere in the world and not see someone taking pictures.

Dining on Lake Norman

Slightly north of Charlotte sits Lake Norman, North Carolina’s largest man-made body of water.

Being Black and abroad

It is said that the lack of mi­nori­ties that study abroad is slim to none. I have had a first hand experience has I have studied in over three countries and visited more than 13 countries in as little as ...

Tips for traveling the world

When any of my family, friends or followers travel out of the country for the first time, they all ask me the same thing, “Do you have any tips?”

How to get a good night’s rest while traveling

Getting a good night’s rest is hard enough when we are in the comforts of our own homes.

International discount airlines

Chances are you have heard of, or even flown with, one of the many domestic discount airlines.

Memorializing Black soldiers and Black culture

For most, Memorial Day is simply a paid holiday—an excuse to barbecue in the backyard or visit the beach for a long weekend.

A guide to Sussex, in honor of the new duke and duchess

If you’re anything like me, you had never heard of Sussex before the royal wedding, yet you’re already looking for an excuse to visit the region.

Summer in our nation’s capital

One thing is for sure about summertime in D.C.—it is hot! And whenever the temperature starts to increase, people can’t help but head straight to the water.

Music festivals in the A

It just wouldn’t be summer without music festivals. The idea of listening to good, live music while enjoying the outdoors and sipping on a cool libation is what summer is all about.