Most popular tourist attractions in every state (Part 2)

Last week we shared the first half of the list compiled by TripAdvisor of the most popular attractions in every state based on the data they collected from their site’s attraction, tour and activities bookings from 2017...

Most popular tourist attractions in every state (Part 1)

It’s officially spring, which means many of you are probably preparing to take a little trip with family and friends in honor of spring break.

Fashion Week in the Deep South: Lexus Charleston Fashion Week

Let’s face it, there’s only one fashion capital of the Americas and that’s right here in New York City. The world looks to us for trends in design, fabrics and even manufacturing.

Getting through international customs and immigration efficiently

Getting through customs and immigration while traveling abroad can often seem overwhelming, especially if you’re traveling to a place far away or a place where English isn’t the primary language.

Rediscovering Nashville

The city of Nashville is one that I’ve enjoyed visiting ever since my first trip back on the night of my college graduation.

Rediscovering Nashville

The city of Nashville is one that I’ve enjoyed visiting ever since my first trip back on the night of my college graduation.

Family fun at Great Wolf Lodge

What if there was a place where you could visit on any day of the year, no matter the weather, and be certain that you and your children would be entertained?

Travel bucket list: Wakanda and five other African nations

Wakanda, a fictional self-sustaining African nation that has been untouched by colonial influence, is the setting for most of the movie.

Celebrating Mardi Gras somewhere other than New Orleans

Tourists and pop culture may have deemed New Orleans the American Mardi Gras capital, but that doesn’t mean it is our only option.

Cities to visit during Black History Month

It’s the start of February, which means it’s the start of another Black History Month.

February 2018 Dance Calendar

Reggie Wilson is the guest curator for the Danspace Project’s Platform 2018 (Feb. 28-March 24) titled, “Dancing Platform Praying Grounds: Blackness, Churches and Downtown Dance.”

How to avoid getting sick while traveling

It’s no secret that one of the easiest ways to spread any illness is to put one infected person in close and enclosed quarters with a large group of people, such as on an airplane; however, there are a few ...

Black wine ripe for the tasting

While California’s wine region continues to be devastated by uncontrolled wildfires, smaller, lesser-known wineries throughout the world have been given the opportunity to shine.

Steps to getting a passport

One of my favorite resolutions, and one that I’d strongly encourage for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to travel much, is to see the world. With discount airlines and internet deals, traveling is now more attainable than ever before.

A good Airbnb guest…

Never have travelers had as many short-term lodging options as they do now. Gone are the days when hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts and hostels were the only options in the marketplace.