Have car, will travel, Part 2

This article is the second of a two-part series on driving in a foreign country. The white hill towns—pueblos blancos—in the Andalusia region of southern Spain gracefully sprout from the surrounding terrain.

Soufrière resorts named to top resorts list

Two of Soufrière, St. Lucia’s top resorts have been included among the Top 25 Caribbean Resorts by one of the world’s leading travel magazines.

Have car, will travel, Part 1

This is the first of a two-part series on driving in a foreign country.

Traveling (Internationally) While Black

Nerja, a coastal town in the Malaga province of the Andalusia region of southern Spain, was crammed with families on holiday, joyously eating and drinking.

Best places to visit in the US 2016

I just love Lonely Planet!

Welcome to the Golden Isles of Georgia!

What do NFL great and actor James Brown, poet Sidney Lanier, and the Rockefellers have in common? The Golden Isles of Georgia!

Why the Black Travel movement has taken off

Tastemakers Africa, Nomadness Travel Tribe and Travel Noire have one unique thing in common.

Rich history and epicurean delights in the Golden Isles of Georgia

In our previous explorations of the Golden Isles of Georgia, we delved into their early English, French, Spanish and African-American history, their wealth of unique sites and attractions and the beauty of the natural landscape, together making them what they ...

The Golden Isles of Georgia – Part 2

In our first exploration of the Golden Isles of Georgia, we learned that its history dates back to the early 1600s, it was named after the surrounding golden brown-hued marshland and today it encompasses the mainland port city of Brunswick ...

Great travel necessities to wear, flash, strut and pack

I swear, the tech, clothing, accessory, food and other areas of the product segment of the travel industry keep getting better and better!

The need for speed: A trip to NASCAR

I’ve watched NASCAR races on TV many times and have learned over time that there is a lot more to it than just driving around in a circle for a few hours.

Ebony Escapes! into May 2016

Barbecue, al fresco movies, jazz and gospel festivals and more are just the beginning of the wide array of events happening across the country this month.

Hattie B’s knows hot chicken!

So, at the end of our last adventure in Nashville, when we were checking out some of the many outstanding culinary options.

Airfare just keeps getting cheaper

Travelers are getting some pretty good deals on airplane tickets.

A taste of Nashville

Take a look at any recipe and you’ll find a teaspoon of this, a dash of that, an ounce of something else, all combining to bring forth a mélange of flavors, textures, hues and bouquets to delight the five senses.